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I’m trying some of the nifty toys that come with an Mac – and am going to try to create audio ‘books’ for my flash fiction. I’m starting with Purpose – A New Beginning – because it’s finished.  I’ve recorded, added music and uploaded Chapter 1 today. My plan is to create a separate page for every story and post all audio chapter there.  But I’ll release them one by one and then collect them all on the page at the end.   Continue reading

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A New Beginning – 12


I stretched and felt Ryan’s naked body snuggle in closer. Wrapping my arm around my boyfriend, I pulled him closer and kissed the back of his head. A glance at the gap in the curtains told me the sun hadn’t climbed high enough to do more than give the sky a pale bluish-gray hue.

The red numbers on the clock told me the time, so I slowly separated myself from the sleeping body next to me. If Ryan got out of bed before 8:00 a.m., he’d whine all day – and it wasn’t yet 6:00 a.m. I’d always been an early riser, at least since my early teens. My brother Tom insisted we get up before dawn to train. Once I got old enough to beat him, he seemed less enthusiastic about the pre-dawn training, but I forced him to continue. Being the host to It only enhanced that trait. Continue reading

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A New Beginning – 11


“Mr. Secretary,” Griffin said, sounding more like an administrative assistant than a cop. “This is Gar.”

The man in his expensive suit walked over and held out his hand. “Good to finally meet you.”

I ignored his hand and kept my eyes on him. I’d started to read his mind when he walked over, but he knew enough to keep his thoughts on anything but the topic at hand. That’s what I get for talking too much and letting people know my secrets.

He kept the hand out and I could feel Griffin’s unease. Too bad. I wasn’t in a polite mood. Continue reading

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A New Beginning – 10


“You did all this to get me here?” I never thought I’d be so angry at Griffin that I wanted to hit him. “Do you know the innocent lives you put at risk?”

I sensed the changes in his body, enough that I knew he understood the implications of what I’d said.

“Yes Daniel, you would be the guilty if that had happened.”

“It wasn’t just to get you here. They needed proof.”

Yes, they. “When?”

Griffin shifted his weight, looking over my shoulder into Barrington’s house. “Can we have this discussion inside?” Continue reading

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A New Beginning – 9


The waiting nearly killed me. Gar had the patience to wait as long as needed. Will, however, had ADHD – or that would have been the diagnosis if I had still been a kid. I finishing typing my text and sent it to Ryan. Not bad for a sixty eight year old man.

I missed Ryan–a lot. Another thing Gar wouldn’t feel. I needed to stop comparing myself to Gar as if he wasn’t really me. He’d been necessary at the time, but wishing I’d kept parts of him led me toward a place I didn’t want to go–detachment.

Sure, I had had a good reason to become Gar; I couldn’t handle what vengeance required. Even after Ryan helped bring me back, every time ‘Will’ went on a mission, I tried to slip on the cold, uncaring exterior. Missions like this, where I wasn’t hunting a killer, didn’t change the equation. I still found comfort in ‘Gar’s’ dispassionate view of events. Continue reading

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A New Beginning – 8


Ryan’s anger would be beyond words if he knew my plan. He’d probably tell me I had no plan, that my intent was little more than winging it. He’d be justified too.

Barrington couldn’t be trusted to keep his word. Yes, I’d read his mind thoroughly, but that only let me see his current and past thoughts. Any new decisions would be as unknown to me as to anyone else. It had taken a bit of convincing to get him to set my plan in motion. He didn’t trust me to keep my word. No that wasn’t quite right, he didn’t believe I could. Continue reading

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A New Beginning – 7


Nothing. It didn’t totally surprise me, but I had hoped for more.

“Have you come for vengeance?”

He made my skin itch. I supposed he perfected the skill over a lifetime of using people. Still. It made me almost long for Gar’s detachment so I could smack him hard enough to permanently wipe the smirk off his face. But I could at least pretend.

“No. Had I come for that I’d have broken a few bones and made you suffer before I revealed myself to you.”

His bravado waned as his pulse rate spiked. For all his talk, he had the same fears as everyone. Continue reading

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A New Beginning – 6


It had been almost a year since I’d been on a real mission. Even though no one had died and I had no one to avenge, this felt like I was chasing a killer. On the scale of criminals, kidnappers ranked barely below sex offenders and killers.

The small frame house blended in with its neighbors. What was it they said about hiding in plain view? Just one among the many working class homes in a non-descript neighborhood. I imagined they held Detective Griffin in a similar place. Hopefully I’d know more soon. Continue reading

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A New Beginning – 5


Only the chief could see me as her subordinates entered the room. Odds were, one of them had let whomever bugged the chief’s office into the room. The rest, however, would be useful in finding who had Detective Griffin.

I didn’t listen as the chief started talking in vague terms about security and the need to be sure that information is kept confidential. Instead, I focused on the sound of the ten heartbeats in the room. When she started speaking about a potential leak of information that could only have come from her immediate office, I heard two hearts start to pound much faster. Continue reading

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A New Beginning – 4


I told her mind she needed to shut the door once she entered her office. The office had enough ears already. Seated in her chair looking out the window as the sunset over DC, I made myself visible.

“The angle of your window captures the beauty of the sunset perfectly.”

As expected, Chief Rawlings reached for her gun and drew it. I spun the chair around and rolled my eyes. “Is that any way to greet me, Chief?”

“What are you doing here?” She didn’t lower the gun, but neither did she call for help.

“You asked me to come to DC.” I spread my arms wide. “Here I am.” Continue reading

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