So August was a busy month – ‘lil q grew up – a lot. We had quite a few first. She started to ride her bike by herself, we finished ‘daycare’ and moved on to ‘preschool’, we learned we liked moon bounce houses, were reminded we like cotton candy, and Papa started to teach her Italian-American slang words. (hey, it’s important to be a little different 😉 )

To start the month, ‘lil q joined me at the DC Outwrite Fest book fair. I figured Wayward Ink Publishing could use a better ‘face of the franchise’ than me so I had her sit with me for a time.

Helping Papa sell some books

Helping Papa sell some books

In an effort to corrupt . .  err. . .  teach her new things, I’m teaching her Italian-American Slang:

(That means stop being a pig at the table)

Some days are just fun to be a kid.  First we went to the ‘big girl playground’ And we rode our ‘bicycle’ there.


Then we went to the baseball game – Ask her what’s her favorite team and she’ll say Bowie Baysox. (Minor league affiliate for the Baltimore Oriels.) She got her very first baseball caps and cotton candy. (that was pretty much all she ate for dinner)

And whats a baseball game with out a little dancing?


Her school took the kids to the bouncy house for a ‘field trip.’ We had to ride the bus. As you can see, riding the school bus when you’re two is ‘fun.’ I’m going to keep this picture to remind her it’s ‘fun’ when she’s older and complains.

My first bus ride. We're going to the moon bounce place.

My first bus ride. We’re going to the moon bounce place.


She liked it so much, we’re going to have her birthday party there.

Here are some random pictures for the month.


August also marked the end of ‘daycare’ ‘lil q was moving on to pre-school. And boy did she tell us that she was a big girl, going to the big kids room, almost a grown up.  Here was the last day of daycare.  They had ‘messy day.’

And finally, she began ‘school.’  I can’t believe she’s almost three. It feels like just a short time ago that the nurse handed her to me and said – here, she’s all yours. (and Mike’s)

For a throw back, here is me holding her in the hospital that first day: