What: New Free Fiction Group

Where: Free Fiction Friday

When: Starts Aug 1, 2014

free fiction friday fb

As some of the people reading my blog know, I am not doing  the Wednesday Briefs Group anymore. I wanted to do something a bit different with my free fiction posts and felt a new format would better suit what I want to do.  I made some good friends there and still think they are a great group of authors.  If you’re not following them, you should.  There is a lot of good stories being offered for free.

For me, I wanted more freedom than the Wednesday Briefs format allows. I want to write without having to use weekly prompts or have a hard word count.  I want to be able to post stories that are finished rather than come up with new chapters every week.  To that end, Grace R. Duncan and I have come up with a new group  Free Fiction Fridays.


Our plan is to start posting on Friday August 1, 2014.  In the meantime Grace and I are working on creating the tools to help promote the authors who join together with us. We’ve begun creating a website so we can post the first hundred words or so like I started with Wednesday Briefs. We’ve also open a twitter account: @freeficfriday and a Facebook page: Free Fiction Friday

The idea is authors will post their work on Fridays. Some will post every week, others whenever they can. There are no word limits and no mandatory prompts to follow.  The site will collect the links to everyone who is posting that week and create a free fiction post on the website.  People can stop by and see who’s posting and read a sample of what’s being offered and be able to click a link to read more.


We’re hoping to have a large diverse group so all authors are welcome to join us. Anyone interested in joining can contact Grace – djserani@gmail.com or me andrewqgordon@gmail.com.

Hope to see you all starting August 1st.