When I was asked to do the Double Alchemy tour I was eager to say yes, because Susan Mac Nicol is not only a very good author, she’s a fun person. Our first post turned out to be quite entertaining for me.  So it’s only natural that I’d was eager to be a part of the tour for Double Alchemy – Climax; which is – wait for it – the climax of the story.  If you like this genre – Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, modern day setting with magic – whatever you want to call it – you need to read these two books.  I plan to give them reviews – yeah like so much with me lately it’s going to be a bit delayed – but don’t wait for them to go out and buy these books. They’re good.

Now, if that wasn’t enough to get you to go buy the books, Susan has stopped by with a bit of an interview with Cade, Warlock Quinn’s not so human lover, to give a bit more insight into the main characters of both books. Oh and be sure to read til the end to enter the giveaway.




Susan: What does your character’s name mean to him?

Cade:  *Snorts* Well, my dad always told me that my mother was expecting a girl originally and she wanted to call me Kate. Then I came along, with a penis and she hastily named me Cade *grins*. However, Quinn and Taliesin have taken great pleasure (in their arrogant way) in telling me that in Welsh, Cade means ‘small battle’ or ‘spirit of the battle’. I quite like that.

S: If your character could change one physical detail about himself, what would it be?

C:  I’ve always thought my chin was too pointy myself, I wanted a more manly one. But Quinn says he loves it just the way it is.

S: Your character comes face-to-face with his worst enemy. What is his first reaction?

C:  I’m not really a man of physicality, I’m more used to using words to fight than my fists. I suppose I’d throw insults at him or her first, then if that didn’t work to reduce them to tears, maybe throw something a little more substantial like that crappy vase Quinn keeps floating about the place.

S:  A police officer stops your character for a minor violation. How does he react?

C:  I guess if he was cute I might bat my eyelashes at him, or show him my nipple piercing. If that didn’t work I’d just keep quiet and take the damn ticket.

S: Does your character have any phobias? What are they and how intense are they? How have they impacted his life?

C:  Nope, no phobias. I’m pretty lucky that way. Except I have this fear Quinn might make one day make good on his threat to turn me into a frog when I’m sleeping *laughs*

S:  Your character lies on his back and looks up at the clouds. What image does he see in the cloud formation?

C:  I see clouds. I’m not huge on that kind of imagination. I’m steeped in history, earth and facts. Believe it or not I leave that sort of cloud dreaming to Quinn. Under that macho soul likes a romantic….

S:   A terrible crime has been committed and evidence points to your character’s guilt. He didn’t commit the crime but doesn’t have an immediate way to prove his innocence. What does he do?

C:  I’d get the boyfriend to fix it. Wipe everyone’s memories, make them focus on something else. What’s the point of having the world’s greatest Warlock for a lover if they can’t do that for you?

S:  What is your character’s earliest memory?

C:  Being surrounded in water. I don’t know if it was in my mother’s womb but I’ve always remembered the sensation of floating in water.

S:  How opinionated is your character? Does he like to share those opinions with others or keep them to himself?

C:  *Snorts loudly* I’m not all that opinionated, not like a certain Grand Master I can mention. I’ll say my piece if I believe in something but I’m more ‘watch the fight but win the battle’ kind of guy. I pick my fights carefully but I won’t back down if I really believe in something.

S:  How well can your character defend himself in a fight?

C:  I had an ex boyfriend who taught me some martial arts moves and how to defend myself. I can fight dirty if I have to, and of course, I have a certain power to be able to move water so anyone picking a fight with me near that will have to watch out I don’t raise a tidal wave on his arse.

Thank you both for coming by. -AQG


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DA Climax-2

  • Title: Double Alchemy: Climax (Double Alchemy Book #2)
  • Author: Susan Mac Nicol
  • Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
  • Release Date: 22nd May, 2014
  • Genre: M/M Paranormal Romance

Powerful modern warlock Quinn Fairmont found ecstasy with the silver-eyed and not-quite-human Cade Mairston, but to know true happiness the pair must best both the shadow of a long-ago lover and an ancient enemy who seeks to destroy love, light and all they hold dear.


It begins with a Book of Shadows discovered by a London coven. The grimoire is as dangerous as it is rare, which is why it evokes modern-day warlock Quinn Fairmont’s desire. He collects objects of great power and beauty—like his lover, Cade Mairston.

Against all odds he and Cade found each other, but their perils have just begun. First is the ex-lover who once held Quinn in thrall. And, someone has been killing warlocks. Could it be one of his own kind? There are those too who would challenge Quinn’s power in their quest to overthrow him as Grand Master. Or is the danger something darker, something invoked inadvertently, rising from the shadows, building from the very inside of a man until it brings an end with a quick flash of light? Of the truth, the surface has only been scratched. Now Quinn and Cade must go deeper and find both answers and an end. They must learn what lurks in the hearts of men…and whether it seeks to love or destroy.


Quinn’s eyes flashed violently at his uncle. “I am not fucking losing him to the depths of a bloody Hampstead Heath pond.”

He knelt down beside Cade again, closing his eyes as he tried once more to heal, but the wound just kept seeping blood, now at a much slower rate than before. Cade’s face was ash white, his dark hair standing out starkly against the deathly pallor of his face.

Quinn. Your Cade is nearly gone. You have to put him in the water now before it is too late. There is no time for your modern medicine. He will not survive unless you do it now. The Water Sprites will take him and heal him as long as there is still a spark of life left in him.

“I can’t. Don’t ask me to do that. I can’t.” Quinn’s voice was strangled as he struggled to compose himself. His body was cold, his mind sluggish and he had never felt so desperate.

Daniel strode forward and despite his small and wiry frame, he picked Cade up in his arms. He looked at Quinn, his voice resolute. “He’s dying. This may be the only way to save him.”

Quinn growled and reached out with a hand to hold him back. Daniel sidestepped him and looked at him with a resolute expression. “You can hurt me if you want but it won’t help Cade. This is all we have left to try before he dies.”

Quinn’s hand still gripped him tightly and the older man winced.

“If anyone is going to do this, it’s going to be me.” Quinn’s voice cracked and he held out his arms. Wordlessly, Daniel placed Cade in Quinn’s outstretched arms and Quinn pulled his lover closer to his body. He walked down to the water’s edge and waded in as Daniel watched helplessly from the bank, his face stark. Quinn gently laid Cade down in the water. He seemed to float for a while, hair spreading about in the water like black smoke. His face was still, eyes closed as Quinn held tightly onto his cold hand, rubbing his thumb over the engagement ring. Quinn’s vision blurred as tears filled his eyes.

You need to let Cade go. Let him join his kind below the water. Trust me.

Taliesin’s voice was soft, compassionate. Quinn heaved a shuddering sigh as Daniel joined him in the water, laying a comforting arm on his.

“I can’t—” Quinn shook his head in grief, his heart breaking.

His uncle took hold of his shoulders, firmly holding him back. “There’s no other way, son. Let him go.”

Quinn relinquished his grip on Cade’s hand, standing there as he heard a soft splash and saw the water rippling around them. As they watched, two sets of pale hands emerged out of the water, and slowly, lovingly, Cade was dragged gently beneath the dark waters of the pond. Quinn saw the hand with his ring on it slowly disappear under the water. It was the last glimpse he had of the man he loved.

Praise for Double Alchemy (Book #1)

I love Paranormal stories & I’m a huge fan of Susan Mac Nicol’s M/M books. In this book, she brings both genres together & gives us this amazing story. With her master storytelling, she takes us into the mystical & magical world of Witches, Warlocks, Withinners & Feys. A world where danger lurks in the shadows.” – Maria Recchia

“I stayed up all night reading this story. Susan has a way of writing that is different than anyone else. She’s uniquely brilliant at weaving a tale that brings out my emotions. I have laughed in every one of her stories. That’s incredible for me. Not just a smile, but a laugh. I love that. This book needs to be read. You won’t be disappointed.” – Author Kindle Alexander

“Susan Mac Nicol has created a complex and fully realized fantasy world…. Quinn is the star of this novel, taking out the bad guy and learning how to trust in Cade’s love enough to share his unsavory past.” Library Journal

I completely loved this beautifully and highly detailed written Paranormal story! This wasn’t a predictable story by any means. How Susan Mac Nicol takes us on a ride through this very creative and engrossing world that you will not forget, anytime soon and will be wanting more and more of it. I am a huge fan of this author and Double Alchemy, doesn’t disappoint by any means at all. I highly recommend this hot, steamy, love, paranormal and so beautifully written story!” Paul Berry

“Susan Mac Nicol brings us another sexilicious m/m romance but also takes us into a magyckal world of Warlocks, Withinners, Fae, Witchfinders and Witches… I loved the combination of the magyck and the m/m romance storyline. I am so glad Ms Mac Nicol is not keeping us waiting as the second book in the series will be released 22nd May 2014. I highly recommended this book to read and is an absolute five star rating from me.” Foxylutely Book Reviews

Praise for Susan Mac Nicol

We have to re-iterate that this Author will always be an automatic one-click for us. Her writing is flawless and her flawed characters are completely lovable. There’s always something quirky and fun in her stories as well as drama, angst and heaps of passion! We can highly recommend!!” – Gitte & Jenny – Totally Booked Blog

“Susan has been hailed as a genius writer of male/male literature. Her Saving Alexander has been nominated for several awards and has been reviewed widely. Congrats on all your success, Susan. You have earned it.” – Gay Lit Authors

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SueSue Mac Nicol was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom. At the age of eight, her family moved to Johannesburg, South Africa, where she stayed for nearly thirty years before arriving back in the UK in December 2000. The first year Sue was back in the UK, it snowed on her birthday, as it did the day she was born in 19*coughs* and she swears this was England welcoming her back.

Sue’s career has mostly been in the financial services area and she specialises in what she calls ‘boring’ compliance and regulatory work. That’s why she escapes into the world of writing and fantasy where she chats to her characters ad nauseum and is overjoyed when they reply. It beats the monotony of legalese, contracts and legislation and let’s face it, writing hot scenes between men can only be rewarding.

Sue is a PAN member of Romance Writers of America and is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association in the UK. She is also a member of a rather unique writing group called the Talliston Writers Circle, whose ‘creator’ is a man who is both a Bard and a Shaman. It makes for a really interesting evening and dinner conversation. She lives in the quaint village of Bocking in Essex, set in the countryside and not far from the sea should she get the yen to eat oysters.

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