Some of you know, some of you don’t, but Lily Velden recently started Wayward Ink Publishing (WIP).


She asked me to be her partner in this venture, and while I said yes, I’m more of a very junior partner with a big mouth.  Lily is the driving force behind this new publisher, I’m just a helper.

WIP’s first book – Bollocks – is going to be released on June 5, 2014.  It is, however, available for pre-order now on WIP’s website:  Buy Link

Bollocks is an anthology with a British twist. It was created and released as part of WIP’s participation at UK GLBTQ Fiction Meet held this year in Bristol – June 6-8, 2014.

For more information about the anthology – check out the new video trailer for the book posted below.

For more information about WIP – visit our website and poke around:  Wayward Ink Publishing