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My Guardian Angel Is A Cockblocker – Part 12

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Filled with adrenaline, Alex ran faster than he’d remembered. Fear drove him in a reckless dash across campus. Using his full powers, he abandoned two plus years of anonymity and proclaimed his presence in a blaze even a blind demon or helcor could have seen.

But free from the constraints on his power, he could sense his enemies – and his fellow Helsin – for the first time since he began college. The rush of sensory impulses threatened to overwhelm him after being ‘blind’ for so long. Hiding himself and the necessary loss of his ability to detect even his own kind had been a necessary requirement for attending a human school. He hadn’t realized how much he missed the lost feelings until now.

Alex pushed past the temporary disorientation until his natural instincts took over. Ignoring the touch of his brethren, he focused on locating any enemies hiding in the shadows. Even with his senses working again, the first attack took him by surprise. The helcor must have been hiding its powers as Alex hadn’t detected it until it jumped from behind a building.

Taller than Alex by at least a foot, the thick, muscular body charged him from the left. The creature’s gray, almost black skin had kept it hidden in dark, moonless night. Once it revealed itself, the helcor released its power and practically glowed like a moving bonfire.

For a moment Alex considered ignoring the creature he could easily out run. If he his foes slow him too much, he’d be vulnerable. Even if he couldn’t detect other demons and helcor in the area, he knew they were between him and Donny’s group. But he was angry – very angry – and he didn’t want the helcor charging from behind if he encountered something to make him stop.

He put on a small burst of speed and smiled when he felt his adversary push harder to catch him. With the helcor running all out, Alex turned and confronted the creature. The look of shock on the brute’s face as Alex confronted it might have been laugh worthy if the situation wasn’t so dire.

Collecting his will, he created a spike of brilliant yellow energy on top of us gauntlet and put his weight in to a punch.  With the helcor unable to stop in time, Alex’s dagger pierced the thick cranial bone above the eyes and sank into the soft gray matter beneath. Releasing the knife, he turned without waiting for the golden energy to explode. He heard the pop and didn’t need to look to know the headless corpse to fell to the ground.

As he neared Austin’s building unmolested, Alex feared the worst. Maybe the demon leading the attack didn’t know Nicholas shifted him to safety, but the helcor he killed was watching the route from his dorm to the fight. The creature might have another purpose, but he was placed to watch for Alex’s arrival at a minimum.

Rounding a corner, he found the fight unfolding in front of him. His fears of a massacre proved unfounded as Duncan had far more fighters than Alex expected. He easily spotted his Uncle in his gleaming white armor, leading the other elite guards in cutting a swath through the dark skinned helcor.

Unfortunately, the local helsin who answered the call to assist weren’t fairing as well as Duncan and his guards. Two were clearly dead, several others hurt and the rest were being pressed by a group of determined helcor and demons. Alex scanned the battle for Donny, and his heart seized when he couldn’t find him. The stab of fear lessened when he didn’t see his cousin among the dead or wounded, but only a fraction. Donny and his group had been out numbered waiting for Duncan and the others and he could be down somewhere that Alex couldn’t see.

Much as he wanted to search for Donny, he altered course and made for the group of helsin struggling for their lives. Alex drew his sword just before he fell on the helcor from the rear. The moment it cleared the sheath, the fire of heaven danced up and down the blade.  His sword was one of a pair. Quinton carried the other, and it announced his identity to everyone around him.

“Alex!” He heard his uncle shout his name but couldn’t spare the time to turn.

Half the helcor and both demons immediately turned and focused on Alex. Not exactly what he planned, but it took the pressure off the others. Pointing the flaming sword at his enemies, Alex unleashed a blast of divine fire. The tactic was risky, as it sapped his energy for a moment, but he was still far enough away that he’d have time to recover.

He’d aimed for the demons, but they pushed a pair of helcor in front of them to take the blow. The tactic only spared them for a few seconds as the beleaguered helsin used the distraction Alex created to take back the advantage. Caught between Alex and his sword and a renewed surge from the others, the demons and helcor seemed undecided on which was the bigger threat. Alex used that confusion to burst into their midst.

Swinging his sword in a deadly arc of flames, Alex attacked with a fury he’d never felt before.  He cleaved his way toward the more dangerous demons. Unable to withstand his fiery blade, the remaining the helcor fell back despite being ordered forward by their commanders.

Alex closed with the demons, using a bit more caution with the smaller but more powerful foes. But for the silver glow to their eyes, the nervous faces before him could have belonged to humans or helsin. Ignoring how they snarled at him, Alex watched the pair move apart until they stood on either side of him.

Sizing up the pair, Alex had to split his attention from one to the other. In the split second he took to turn to his left, the demon on his right spewed a black mist toward Alex’s face. His sword pulsed, burning the spray, but the flare blinded him for an instant.

Alex stepped back, hoping to give him self the half second he needed to clear his vision. Prepared to defend himself, he found the two demons dead, one by his uncle’s sword, the other run through from behind by another helsin.

“What in heaven’s name were you doing making yourself a target like that? Next time why not scream out your name and beg them to attack you?” Duncan scanned the other helsin standing around them. “Where’s Donovan.”

Alex’s fear for his cousin returned, twisting his stomach into a knot. “That what I came back to find.”

“Came back, what are you talking about?”

“Donovan had Nicholas shift me back to my room.” He ignored his uncle’s gaze and began to look at the fallen warriors. “I collected my weapons and armor and came back.”

“Spread out!” Duncan pointed to members of his guard and sent them in different directions. “Find my son!”

With majority of the fighting over, Alex searched the area and found a gapping hole in the Austin’s building. Donny’s wards had failed and Austin would have still been in the room.

“Austin.” The name, barely a whisper, soon became a shout as he ran toward the building. “Austin!”

* * *

Probably going to take a week to two break at this point and finish this story.  Once it’s finished I’m going to offer the ending as one chapter, hopefully as part of a downloadable eBook with the entire story.  This way there won’t be any more cliffs to hang onto. 🙂


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