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My Guardian Angel Is A Cockblocker – Part 11

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Alex twisted out of his guardian’s grasp and spun around. “Why did you do that?”

“Your father ordered you back to the room.” Nicholas refused to meet his gaze. “The demons behind this attack must have been planning it for months.”

“They need me. I’m going back.” Turning around, he walked toward his closet without waiting for an answer. The fight was happening in front of Austin’s apartment and no one would care about his safety.

Nicholas appeared in front of him. “No, Alexander, you are staying here. My directions were absolutely clear.”

He tried to sidestep the angel, but Nicholas moved with him. Frustrated and worried, he used his magic to push Nicholas away. Ignoring the sputtering rage he heard behind him, Alex reached into the hidden compartment of his closet.

“What are you doing?” Nicholas tried to pull him away, but Alex refused to budge. “When I tell your father what you did….”

“Go ahead!” Facing Nicholas, he didn’t try to control his anger. “Tell him. Run back to the your master and tell on me. I don’t care. Donny is fighting for his life and Austin has no idea what’s happening. I’m going to back to help.”

“You’re worried about your cousin? Are you an idiot?”

Alex glared at him, but didn’t respond. Extending his arms into the invisible closet, his silver and gold armor responded to his call. Before Nicholas could interrupt, Alex’s body was encased in the breastplate, gauntlets and greaves. He left the helmet hovering in front of him while he retrieved his sword and mace.

“I’m a warrior, and my father’s son. Helsin are battling for their lives to protect me, but we both know I’m stronger than anyone except my father.” Notching the belt around his waist, he slid the handle of the mace into a slot on his right hip. He pulled the blade partially from its sheath and watched as the fire of heaven danced along the unbreakable steel. “These demons want me? Fine. Let’s see if they can handle me.”

“Alex, stop!” Nicholas stepped in front of him again. “This isn’t a game. This is real. The demons laid this trap specifically to lure you into the fight. Helcor might be stupid, but demons are insidious and extremely dangerous. They wouldn’t have launched this attack if they didn’t think they had a way to neutralize you.”

“Let them try.” Alex reached out to turn off the wards. He might have to struggle with Nicholas for control, but he was prepared for that contingency.

“This is exactly why you need to stay here!” Light coalesced around the angel as tiny specks circled his body. “You have no idea what to expect, but you’re going to charge head long into the fray.”

He’d never seen Nicholas angry enough to invoke his nimbus – he’d only seen one angel use their’s  and that was during a fight when he was in training. Still, Alex wasn’t going to let his guardian keep him from helping.

“I’m going whether you like it or not.” He attached the sword to his left side. “The fight wasn’t going well, I could hear it in Donny’s voice. I need to go help him.”

“Help him? He raped you. Why do you care what happens to him.”

Alex froze. “How…. No he didn’t.”

“Now you’re going to lie for him?” Nicholas’ aura grew brighter. “I’m an angel, Alex; I know the truth.”

“He didn’t. I wanted him to be my first.”

“You told him to stop!” He was so close to Alex that if he’d been alive, he’d have sprayed spit in Alex’s face. “He was hurting you and he didn’t stop when you asked him to. You can’t defend that!”

Alex’s head started to spin. He hadn’t wanted to relive that night, but Nicholas was forcing him. “Stop it.”

“I’m not letting you leave just to go try to save him. He’s not worth it.”

“Stop it!” Nicholas’ anger threatened to reopen the wound Alex thought had healed. He’d struggled to forgive his cousin because Donny wasn’t the evil person his guardian portrayed.

“It’s true. Why would your risk your life for him?”

“I…he’s my cousin. I may not be in love with him anymore, but he cares about me.”

“You think he’s out there because he still loves you? Are you serious?” Nicholas shook his head and little beads of light flew in all directions. He turned his back on Alex for a second and then spun back. “It’s not love, it’s guilt. He thinks by protecting you he’ll somehow redeem himself. This is just more of his self-centered, me first behavior.”

“You don’t know anything. Why would you say that?”

“Because he doesn’t love you. He never did!” The force of Nicholas’ voice set Alex back on his heels. “And I hate that you’re throwing yourself away on that narcissistic jerk.”

Alex’s armor started to glow from the intensity of his anger. “You’re an idiot. How would you know anything about love?”

Because I love you!” Nicholas yelled. The next instance he looked horrified.


“I love you, Alex. As ridiculous and impossible as it is, I do.” Nicholas’ defeated expression tugged at Alex. “You don’t need to say it, I know already– better than you. But when I got ‘my wings’, no one turned off my emotions.”


“I shouldn’t have told you, but…I was once human too. Just because I’m not allowed to be in a relationship with one of the living, doesn’t mean I can’t be in love with you.”

It didn’t matter. He didn’t love Nicholas and he wasn’t going to stay behind because a lovesick angel was worried about his safety. “I’m going now.”

Nicholas recoiled as if Alex had slapped him. He didn’t say anything, but he wouldn’t look at Alex.

“Nicholas.” He moved forward and the angel stepped back. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?” He finally met Alex’s gaze. “Because you think I’m a fool?”

“No, because I just dismissed your feelings like that.” When he took another step, Nicholas didn’t retreat. “I…this isn’t the right time to talk about this. I can’t be distracted going into the fight.”

“You’re not going to join the fight Alex, You’re father….”

“My father isn’t here and if he was, he’d have to restrain me to keep me away.” Taking control of the wards, he saw Nicholas react. “This isn’t just for Donny or Austin. The others with Donny are at risk too. I might be their only hope.”

“Everyone there knew the risks.”

“Did they? Did anyone tell them that I’d be whisked away the moment the fight started?” He knew the answer from the way Nicholas turned his head. “Or did they expect that I’d be fighting beside them?”

Nicholas didn’t answer and Alex used the time to disarm the wards. “I’m going now, with or without your help. But if you try to stop me, I won’t hold back.”

Maybe that’s what Nicholas wanted. Quinton would be hard pressed to blame the angel if Alex knocked him out.

“Go.” Nicholas stepped away from the door. “I’ll go get some more help.”

The rejection he saw in his guardian’s face almost held him back. Grabbing Nicholas’ shoulders, Alex looked him in the eyes. “Don’t think that because I’m not in love with you, that I don’t love you too. You’ve always been there for me, even when I didn’t deserve you. I’m sorry it’s not the way you want, but I do love you, Nicholas.”

He bent forward and kissed the angel’s forehead. In the years they known each other, neither of them had done anything that intimate – chaste as it was. As Alex pulled away, Nicholas grabbed his hand and brought them to his lips.

The touch felt feathery and faint, but the point of contact tingled when Nicholas let go. “That’s more than I dared hope for.” His smile didn’t fully erase the sadness. “Now go before I come to my senses and make you fight me to get out.”

Nicholas disappeared before Alex could respond. He checked again to make sure his weapons were secure and ran out the door. No less than a score of students saw him running faster than a car. It didn’t matter, his time at college ended before he left Austin’s place.

Hopefully Austin survived for him to explain himself.

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