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My Guardian Angel Is A Cockblocker – Part 10

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Alex rested his head in the crook of Austin’s neck and enjoyed the feel of Austin’s hands running slowly along the skin of his back. He tugged at the hem of Austin’s shirt and slid his hands under the cool fabric.

With his eyes closed, he imaged the place where tan skin ended and a paler patch began. It might be mid-autumn, but he was certain Austin still had a tan line. He moaned softly when Austin slid his fingers down and wedged them beneath Alex’s boxers.

Lifting his head, he sought Austin’s lips with his and pressed them together. His tongue met Austin’s and they took turns exploring the other’s mouth. The deep kiss only fanned his arousal and he ground hard against Austin’s hips.

To Alex, their kiss lasted an eternity, with neither willing to break the connection. Austin finally pulled back slightly and Alex used the break to catch his breath. Only then did he realize his hand had snaked under Austin’s underwear and rested on the slightly furry skin beneath.

“At the risk of offending you,” Austin said in a husky whisper. “The bed would be far more comfortable.”

Squeezing the tight muscles under his fingers, Alex kissed Austin before he let go. “Why…would…I…be…offended?”

Austin didn’t answer – at least not with words. Instead he tugged on Alex’s hand, leading him to the dark bedroom. He led Alex to the foot of the bed set against the back wall. Moving to his right, Austin positioned Alex with his back to the bed. Leaning in, Austin used his weight to force them both onto the mattress.

Trying to maintain their kiss, the pair inched their way back onto the double bed. Austin climbed on top of Alex and after a few more kisses, started to unbutton his light green oxford shirt. After three buttons, Austin gave up and pulled it and the tee shirt over Alex’s head and tossed the clothes onto the floor.

In one fluid motion, he stripped off his own shirt and pressed their bare chests together. The hair on Austin’s chest rubbing against him added further stimulation to Alex’s already hypersensitive skin. He kissed Austin with a hunger he’d rarely felt and never gave into before.

Austin matched Alex’s passion, grinding their bodies together. He used his free hand to pinch Alex’s nipple and when he broke their kiss began to nip at Alex’s ear.

Although he enjoyed Austin taking control, Alex wanted to explore a bit more so flipped Austin onto his back kissed his way down the hairy chest. He spent time teasing each nipple and adjusted his efforts based on how Austin moaned. Before moving further, he unbuckled Austin’s belt and tugged open the top button on his jeans. Kissing the tight stomach muscles, he slowly pulled the zipper down.

Alex slid the jeans down, sitting up to help Austin out of them. His intention of running his lips over the outline in Austin’s boxers was thwarted when Austin sat up and started to undo Alex’s jeans. Once both pair of jeans lay on the floor, they lay side–by–side and Alex slid his fingers inside the waistband of Austin’s underwear.

“You know, if you remove my boxers, you’re going to have to spend the night.” Austin kissed Alex’s ear before he could answer.

He felt Austin’s fingers inching their way under the waistband of his cotton boxers. Their faces inches apart, Alex stared into Austin’s deep brown eyes. “What happens if I let you take off mine first?”

“Do you want to find out?”

Alex raised his hips slightly and resumed their kiss. He felt Austin slowly nudge the boxers over his cheeks and run his hand around to free the fabric where it hooked on Alex’s hard on. When his cock was free, he lowered himself back onto the bed. The slow journey of his underwear down his legs ended with Austin using his foot to free Alex’s legs.

Staring over, Alex gave Austin a quick kiss. “So what happens now?”

Austin wiggled his groin against Alex’s. “Now you get to take off mine and we spend the rest of the night with our clothes on the floor.”

Smirking, Alex helped Austin’s boxer briefs find a home on the hard wood floor beside the bed. “So either way I was spending the night.”

“Was their any doubt?”

“Not in my mind.”

* * *

Alex woke with a jolt and sat up, pulling the covers off Austin’s torso in the process. The moment of panic when he didn’t recognize the surroundings eased back when he felt a hand on his back.

“Are you okay?” Austin rubbed Alex’s back.

Scanning the dark room for what woke him, he felt something hit the wards protecting the apartment. When it happened again, he jumped out of the bed in search of his pants.

“Alex? What’s wrong?”

He ignored the question when he felt his phone vibrating in the denim pocket. Pulling it out, he saw Donny’s name on the caller ID and tapped ‘accept.’

“Donny! What’s happening?”

“You need to get out of there! It’s a trap!” Alex heard something in the background. “Fall back and defend here!”

“What’s going on? Are you okay?”

“There are way more than one helcor and there are at least two demon’s leading this attack.” Hearing his cousin’s heavy breathing, he felt guilty he’d pressured Donny into letting him stay at Austin’s place. “Dad’s gathering every available helsin and angel in the area, but we need you back in your room. Those wards are stronger and will hold until your father can bring support.”

“Alex?” Austin stood inches away wearing only his boxers. “What’s going on?”

Pulling his attention from Austin’s nearly naked body, he shook off a new wave of guilt. “I don’t need to hide, I can help.”

“No!” Donny yelled so loud, Alex pulled the phone back from his head. “I’m sending Nicholas to get you away.”

Austin touched Austin’s shoulder. “Where are you going?”

The image of his cousin fighting for his life “You need all the help you can get. Let me….”

“Alex, please! Don’t argue! There isn’t time. As soon as it’s safe, Nicholas is going to get you out of there.”

“Alex, you can’t go.” Austin’s touch was more insistent. “Stay here, please.”

“I can’t.” He stepped into his jeans so fast he almost fell over.

“Why not? What did your cousin say?”

“I…I can’t explain, but I’m…I need to go.”

Alex picked up his shoes and not bothering to find his socks, slid them on. He scanned the room for his shirt, but Austin stepped in front of him.

“Why…what’s wrong.”

The shirt and tee shirt lay just behind Austin and he reached around to collect them. Slipping the pair over his head, he ignored the buttons. “I…I’m not who you think. If I can, I’ll come back and explain. If I can’t….”

“Wait!” Austin grabbed his arm. “Don’t go.”

“I have to.”

“Please, just wait.”

Alex felt another attack on the protection and noticed Austin seemed to feel it too. That shouldn’t be possible. Remembering what Donny said, he pulled away.

Nicholas appeared in the room and wrapped his arms around Alex. “We’re leaving. Now!”

Austin reached for him, but Alex felt the telltale signs of teleportation. “I need to tell you something. I’m….”

Nicholas shifted them out of the apartment in mid sentence. When Alex blinked, he found himself in his room.

“No!” He shouted helplessly as the wards flared to life.

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