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I’m Rob Colton and I’m here to talk about my newest release, An American Lamb in Europe. The book was released Wednesday, February 12th , and is available from Dreamspinner Press and all your favorite online book stores.

Dreamspinner is hosting a “Meet the Author” chat for me on GoodReads, February 22nd from 2:00 – 5:00 PM (EST). I hope to see you all there!


Before we get to our excerpt, I wanted to talk a little about secondary characters. I always enjoy writing secondary characters. They always seem to develop a life of their own during the writing process.

In An American Lamb, it was Horst for me, Tomas’s vampire bodyguard. He’s the strong and silent type. He spends much of the novella standing around and glowering, but there was something about him I really liked. Near the end of the novella, he comes through for Jamie. The circumstances may have left some lingering, unanswered questions though.

Who knows, maybe we’ll see more of Horst in the future…


AmericanLambinEurope-600Jamie Anderson knows you need to look before you leap, but he forgets it often enough to land in trouble. When his brother and only remaining family member disappears, he doesn’t think twice about quitting his job as a dental hygienist to travel to the Czech Republic to search for him.

Rescued by the sexy, mysterious Tomas in a small city near the German border, Jamie enlists his help in locating Rudy. Soon Jamie realizes the man knows more than he’s sharing. When Jamie demands Tomas tell him the truth, Tomas reveals he’s a vampire. Horrified the man he’s fantasized about is a monster, Jamie struggles with the fact he still needs Tomas’s help to find Rudy.

Jamie never expects their search will land him in the middle of a vampire turf war.

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“So what do we do now?” I asked Tomas. I had to take big strides just to keep up with his long legs. I found myself panting, my breath visible in the cold night. “How do we find the Russians?”

We do nothing. If the Russians took him, he is likely… gone.” His word choice made both of us uncomfortable. “I will search out their leader, Oleg, and speak with him. I will find out what he knows.”

“But I want to be there.”

“No. They are dangerous, and I will not risk you.”

Risk me? What the hell did he mean by that? I looked at him, but his face revealed nothing.

Tomas gazed out into the sky toward the horizon. “It is nearly dawn. We must hurry.”

Picking up the pace, we quickly made our way toward the river to an old warehouse district. I followed Tomas and the others to one of several abandoned warehouses covered in graffiti. Otto closed the door behind us and secured it with a heavy metal bar.

“Where are we?” I asked, looking around the dark, empty warehouse.

I pulled my hands from my pockets and blew warm air into my fists, then rubbed them together. I could barely see anything, but I did notice there was a large SUV parked just inside the double-wide garage doors. It reflected what little bit of light there was like it was shiny and brand new, the only indication that someone used the warehouse.

“We are home.”

“You live here?” I said with a frown. From what I could see, there was nothing here. What did they do? Hang upside down from the rafters like bats?

“Technically this is just temporary housing for us. We are from Bavaria. In southern Germany.”

“Oh.” I was still confused.

We followed Tomas toward the back of the warehouse, where a stairwell led down to an underground level. Light was shining from below, and it got easier to see where I was going as we moved toward the stairs. We walked down the flight of creaky metal steps, which landed in a small barren room, lit with overhead florescent lights.

Underneath the warehouse was an old nuclear bunker, built during the Cold War from the looks of it, with walls made of thick concrete enforced with steel. A large metal door stood imposingly at the bottom of the stairs with a sophisticated electronic lock. It looked completely out of place, like something that belonged in a bank vault, not underneath an abandoned warehouse.

Tomas tapped at the keypad and unlocked the door. The thick, solid metal door opened with a loud clang and a hiss. I followed Tomas through the door and was taken aback by what I saw.


Author Bio:

Rob Colton is a software developer by day, and avid reader of romance novels at night. A romantic at heart, he loves stories that feature big, burly men who find true love and happy endings.

Rob grew up in northern Michigan and currently lives in the Atlanta area with his very supportive husband and their very spoiled miniature schnauzer.

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