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My Guardian Angel Is A Cockblocker – Part 5

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Alex stared blankly at Nicholas for a moment. How? And why here and now?

“Are…” He stopped himself from asking the obvious. Nicholas’ presence told him the angel was sure. “Do you have any more details?”

Nicholas moved closer to the counter, still seeming disinterested. “Nothing concrete. Your father is sending his best trackers as well as a guard detail for you.”

His shock evaporated when he heard this new information. “No way, we had a deal.”

“We can talk about this back in the room, but for now, I’m going to shadow you everywhere–” his eyes drifted over Alex’s shoulder to where Austin sat. “–even there.”

He didn’t need it spelled out. Talk about a cock block. “C’mon, Nicholas, can’t you…you know.” He rolled his hand.

“Sorry.” For once, Nicholas appeared genuinely sorry.  “Your father was very clear. And if I don’t, even for…that. . .he’ll send someone else who will. Assuming he doesn’t bring you home, that is.”

The person in front of them left, and Nicholas slid up to the counter. Alex barely heard the angel’s voice, let alone his order. Of all the times for this to happen. Why now? If he didn’t know how serious Nicholas took his duties, Alex would’ve half expected this was a joke.

“Go back and enjoy your date.” Nicholas’ voice nearly caused him to jump. When he met his guardian’s gaze Nicholas nodded toward Austin. “I promise to do my best to make you forget I’m here.”

Even with that promise, Alex found it hard to shake off his disappointment. The euphoric moment of being alone on a date was gone. Worse, he had to hope he didn’t push Austin away with his brooding.

“You look dazed. What happened?” Austin asked before Alex could sit down.

“Just…Nicholas had to give me a message from my parents, that all.”

“It couldn’t wait?” The smoldering ember of anger Alex saw before he spoke to Nicholas erupted into a fire.

“Actually, it couldn’t.” He tried to force a smile onto his face. “And Nicholas is probably more afraid of my dad than me.”

The confused look Alex got told him he’d said too much. “He’s afraid of your dad?”

Before his first day of college, Alex’s parent recognized that Nicholas always going home with Alex for breaks would raise questions and they came up with a stock response. The answer applied equally well now.

“Nick’s parents travel a lot for work. They’re overseas right now, so he spends most of our breaks with me and my family. Which means he has to answer to my dad, who can be…imposing at times.”

“Oh.” Austin looked back toward the counter. “That’s rough.”

“Anyway,” Alex wanted to get things away from Nicholas’ ‘backstory’. “My dad tried to call me, but…well…I turned it off when I left with you.”

He pulled his phone out to show Austin it was off. After a small shrug he put it face down on their table with his hand over the top.

“Really?” The smile suggested he forgot about being angry with Nicholas for intruding. “Most people text during a date.”

“I’m not most people.” He wiggled his eyes for effect. “I mean I’d rather talk to you than text anyone else.”

“I feel the same, but sometimes, well you know, we’re glued to our phones.” Austin glanced at the table where his phone sat face up. He palmed the phone and slid it into his sweatshirt pocket. “Sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry about.” Alex put his phone away, leaving one hand on the table. Austin’s brown eyes were fixed on him and Alex wanted to lean forward, and gently pull his date closer while running his hand over the stubble-covered face. “So…do you really like it here better than San Diego?”

Alex had never been there, but he’d heard it was amazing. Great weather, good beaches and lots of hot guys.

“No and yes, but I’m liking it a lot better right now.” He put his hand on top of Alex’s. Knowing Nicholas was watching, he almost pulled it back. Austin noticed his reaction. “Something wrong?”

Austin slowly moved his hand back. Alex forced himself to ignore the knowledge he was being watched and quickly moved to reestablish contact. His hand lurched forward, covering Austin’s before he could remove it from the table. “No, nothing’s wrong. Just caught me by surprise, that’s all.”

“Cool.” The smile said more than the one word answer.

They stared at each other across the small table. Even though the café was crowded, Alex had tuned out everyone else to focus on the guy he’d been lusting after all semester. He gently rubbed the warm hand under his, never looking away.  He forced himself not give in to the urge to inch forward. Forget Nicholas, the idea that they’d have their first kiss in the Campus Grind held no allure.

“So,” Austin’s voice shattered the silence. His smile seemed more smirk than amused. “Tell me more about the bad boy whose parents almost didn’t let him out of their sight.”


Key in hand, Alex almost didn’t want to unlock his door. He’d known Nicholas had been there, and he knew it wasn’t his guardian’s fault, but it was going to make facing him uncomfortable. He and Austin had barely kissed goodbye. Not that either of them were afraid or embarrassed, but public displays didn’t seem to be Austin’s thing either. With no place to go, they kept it to the barest minimal.

Their kiss lasted less than thirty seconds, but it had been enough to get them both excited. The memory of Austin pressed against him–clearly as aroused as Alex–sent the blood rushing to his groin again.

He willed himself to relax and entered their room. “I’m back, Nich….”

A tall, fair hair man held one of his textbooks opened in his hand. He looked up when Alex stopped speaking. “Hello, Alexander. I’ve been waiting for you.”

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