My goal has always been to publish a schedule of upcoming posts, but that hasn’t always gone off so well. But just because it doesn’t always happen, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it – so here goes:

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Upcoming Posts: 

Wed. Feb 5, 2014:  My Guardian Angel is a Cockblocker – Chapter 5 – Free flash fiction with my other ‘flashers’ from the Wednesday Brief crew. (And I’ll be showing off the new banner art!)

Thu. Feb 6, 2014:  Guest Author – Anne Barwell – Anne talks about her newest release, Shades of Sepia, and finding time to write.

Fri. Feb 7, 2014:  Guest Author – Kim Fielding – Kim returns to give us some more information about her new fantasy novel, Pilgrimage.

Mon Feb 10, 2014: Guest Author Sid Love – Sid is being gracious – and brave – enough to let me interview him in advance of his debut release – Holding on to Hope.

Here’s a preview of the artwork My Guardian Angel is a Cockblocker. (Banner created by Alicia Nordwell)

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Couple WIP updates – since I know y’all is holding your breath. 🙂

The Eye and the Arm: Book 2 of Champion of the Gods (Sequel to The Last Grand Master) –

As I’ve said before, the rough draft is finished. I’ve had some feed back from readers that I’ve got to digest and act upon. I suspect that once I do that and have an editor look it over to clean it up a bit, I’ll be able to submit it by the end of the month.  Not sure how soon it will be available, but what I do know is I’ve already started work on Book Three, so there won’t a lot of lag between the rest of the books. Promise.

Bettor to Lose:

For those who’ve followed my writing – you may know that Anyta Sunday and I wrote a novella for a contest back in 2011. We’ve decided to clean it up, add to it and then have it published. We’re in talks with a publisher and it could be out as soon as June ’14.  We’re a few chapters into the re-write and it’s going well so far. Working with Anyta, I realize how much I miss working with her, but she has her things and I mine, but it is nice to work with her again.  Look for this to be out in a few months.