I have to eat a bit of crow, I was complaining earlier that they closed the schools, daycare, government before we even got a flake of snow.  It did start snowing about 10:30 am.  But really? Even the squirrel didn’t care.

Don't try this at home - I'm a highly trained squirrel

Don’t try this at home – I’m a highly trained squirrel

Of course the snow picked up some and by 4:00 pm there was enough to go outside.  ‘lil q was born in Sept ’11 – the winter of ’11-’12 was so mild, we never got to use the winter coat we bought her. [Fortunately a co-worker of mine’s daughter fit in it last winter and this winter it made its way to Boston to the co-worker’s cousin’s daughter.] Last winter was colder, but there wasn’t a snow fall that would allow us to go out and play.  So this is her first real snow.

And since pictures are nice, but video is nicer – here are some videos:

We didn’t stay out too long, it was cold, the snow was a wet snow and we don’t have a proper snow suit for ‘lil q.  So we came inside and had hot chocolate. Here’s what it looked like about 5:00 pm.

Seven hours later, the squirrel was gone, but we finally had snow.

Seven hours later, the squirrel was gone, but we finally had snow.

After we thawed out a bit, ‘lil q and I set out to make dinner.  One advantage to a snow day, we had time to make a proper meal.

And lest you all think I'd let 'lil starve. She and I made four cheese Manicotti for dinner.

Four cheese Manicotti for dinner.