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My Guardian Angel Is A Cockblocker – Part 2

Alex started to wonder if his parents had lied to him. “I don’t care about being in the assembly, much less being a leader.”

“Nonsense.” Nicholas rolled his eyes. “All your family members have been in the assembly for centuries. It’s expected of you.”

He turned his back on his guardian before he did something stupid again.” They told you to do this, didn’t they?

“What are you talking about?” Annoyed, Nicholas almost growled at Alex. “Who told me to do what?”

“Never mind.” Alex kept his gaze on the poster of Cristiano Ronaldo on the dorm wall. He didn’t need Nicholas to confirm what he already knew. “Go make your report and leave me alone, okay.”

With a thought he caused the closet door to open and his suitcase flew onto the bed. No sense waiting for the call from home, he knew the drill.

Nicholas moved to the other side of Alex’s bed, put his hands on the trunk and leaned forward. “What are you doing?”

Alex strained to look at Nicholas without tilting his head. He ran his finger along the seam of the trunk and the locks flung opened. “Packing.”

With a quick heave, he flung the top back, forcing Nicholas to take a step backward. “Honestly, you befuddle me.”

“Befuddle? What’s that from, like the Middle Ages? ” Reaching into the empty space, Alex grabbed two empty duffle bags.

“Stop this foolishness!”

The lid swung back, and Alex barely snatched his hands away in time. “What the….” He glared at the angry angel. “You almost cut my hands off.”

“Hardly.” Nicholas motioned Alex back by flicking his fingers. “Stop packing and go sit. We’re not done talking.”

“What’s the point?” Despite his protest, Alex did as Nicholas said. “You’re going to tell my dad I attacked you so you can finally be relieved of this job.”

Nicholas stopped walking and grabbed the back corner of their bunk. “You think I’ve been looking for a way to get you in trouble?”

“Please, I know you hate this assignment.” He didn’t try to hide his bitterness. Nicholas never wanted to be his guardian, but he’d been the only angel free at the time who looked the right age for the job. “Once you make the call, you know he’s going to make me – and you – come home. Problem solved – for you.”

Alex could feel the angel staring at him, but refused to meet his eyes. Most of the time he and his guardian got along fine – most of the time. But Nicholas died two hundred years ago and some times had trouble leaving the 18th century.

“I’m not going to tell your father what happened.”

It took a moment for the words to sink in. “Not going…? Why not? He’s like your idol or something.”

“Your father is a great leader and deserves my – and your – respect.”

“I love my father, but he’s not some mythical warrior to me like he is to you. He’s my dad.”

Using two fingers, Nicholas dragged the other chair closer. Spinning it around he sat with his arms resting on the back and his chin on his arms. “All I have is the warrior, he isn’t my father.”

“Not that I’m asking you to do it, but why aren’t you going to tell him? It’s what he expects from you, isn’t it?

Nicholas sucked on his lower lip for a moment. “Probably, but it will remain between us. I had a hand in your moment of temporary insanity.”

Despite his attempt not to smile, Alex couldn’t hold it back. Nicholas joined him and the tension dropped from the room. “Thanks, and yeah, you did push me a bit – not that I should have used magic on you, but I’m just saying why I did it.”

“Alex.” His smile disappeared and Nicholas moved closer. “I push you because you don’t push yourself. That is what your father asked of me in addition to guarding you – to help you reach your full potential.”

“Look, Nicholas.” Alex tried to keep calm. He hated this topic; he’d left home to avoid having it again and again with his father and uncles. “I know you think a lot of my father, but I’m not him. I’m not going to be a leader of our people. That’s not me.”

“You’ve been blessed with such great power. We – angels, kelsin, humans – need you to take up the mantle and lead us. The peace won’t last forever.”

“I know it won’t, and I’m not going to run away from the fight, but I’ll let Douglas or Jonathan be our leader. They want it more anyway.”

Nicholas started to speak then stopped. He cocked his head to the left and before he could speak, a phone rang.

Alex didn’t recognize the number, but answered it anyway. “Hello?”

Nicholas rolled his eyes and snorted. ” You’re answering a call during this conversation?”

He knew he shouldn’t have, but it was too late now.

“Alex? This is Austin.”

“Austin?” He hadn’t meant it to sound like a question. “Hey, sorry. Didn’t recognize the number.”

Nicholas threw up his hand and guffawed. “And yet you still answered it.”

He shot the angel an angry glare and Nicholas backed off.

“Yeah…Hannah gave me the number.”

“That’s cool.” He winced at how stupid he sounded. “Um….”

“Ask him if he wants to get coffee.” Nicholas’ suggestion caused Alex to stop speaking. “Love struck child. Just ask him.”

Alex wanted to be mad at Nicholas, but he recognized he’d been trying to help – in his own way. “Um…what are you doing?”

“Nothing. You?”

“You wanna go get some coffee?” If Austin said no, Alex planned to kill Nicholas – or whatever one did to angels.

“Um…sure!” Even though they weren’t in the same room, Alex could hear the smile in Austin’s voice. “Want me to come get you?”

“Sure. Do you know where I’m at?”

“Yep. Hannah told. I can be there in five.”

In his mind, Alex could see Austin’s grin matching his. “Great. See you in a few.”

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