As many of you have guessed from the Holiday Event I had on my blog this season, I love the different aspects of Christmas. I also want to create memories for ‘lil q like my parents and grandparents did for me.

On Deanna Wadsworth’s blog I wrote about how Christmas is for kids, even the little kid inside us all:

Christmas Is For Kids:

And onBrita Adams’ Advent Calendar, I wrote about Christmas lights and how ‘lil q and I went out driving to look for them.

Christmas Lights:

Another thing I remember is the cookies. My grandmother used to make all different kinds, sugar, chocolate chip, jelly cookies, ‘Aunt Rosie’s’ and more.  My mother used to make sugar cookies and chocolate chips and to this day still makes different kinds that greet us when we come home.  And let’s face it, who doesn’t like Christmas cookies?

So last weekend I dutifully made the dough for sugar cookies. For those who don’t bake, you need to make the dough and then chill it before you use it – which seems rather backward ass when using a cookie press because the dough needs to warm up before it works well. Go figure. On Sunday, ‘lil q and I made pressed cookies. She choose which shape we’d use and then helped add the sprinkles. She stood on the chair and held my hand as we shook the colors onto the cookie dough. As a measure of her fascination with the activity, I didn’t once hear the ubiquitous ‘I do’ that she is so fond of telling me whenever we do anything these days. She was perfectly content to have us do it together.

Yesterday I made the cookies using the cutters. Let me tell you, trying to find cookie cutters in Christmas shapes was not easy. ‘lil q and I eventually found some at an antique shop.  But we were busy most of the day, so I ended up making them and putting them aside to decorate today. I got home just about the time ‘lil q got home from daycare/pre-school and after washing her hands – and being told, ‘I do’ several times during the process – we sat down to frost and decorate our cookies. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, though I am certain she enjoyed eating the frosting more than spread it on the cookies.

Here’s the results:

Merry Christmas to everyone and a happy New Year.