‘lil q had her first holiday concert on Friday. Yes, I’m one of those parents who took off work early to be there and to film it. She walked in with her class, looked around but couldn’t see us.  I snapped a few pictures:

Then made sure she saw me. If smiles could light up a room, hers and mine would have lit up the state – and possible the entire east coast. She launched herself at me and then sat in my lap while the toddler class did their song. Then it was time for the 2 year olds to do their part.  The first song was cute, everyone had their part in decorating the class tree:

After that – they all got up to sing and dance – I have to say, this is going to be a favorite for me for years to come.

After singing and dancing, we sat down for pizza, chips, cookies, and punch. Seriously, could their be a less healthy snack than that? Being the super contentious parents we are, we limited her to as much as she wanted. It wasn’t Christmas, but if felt like it to us.