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A New Beginning – 8


Ryan’s anger would be beyond words if he knew my plan. He’d probably tell me I had no plan, that my intent was little more than winging it. He’d be justified too.

Barrington couldn’t be trusted to keep his word. Yes, I’d read his mind thoroughly, but that only let me see his current and past thoughts. Any new decisions would be as unknown to me as to anyone else. It had taken a bit of convincing to get him to set my plan in motion. He didn’t trust me to keep my word. No that wasn’t quite right, he didn’t believe I could.

Shadows disturbed the moonlit yard. I didn’t need to see to know my targets approached. Their ‘quiet’ footsteps announced their arrival like a quartet of trumpets. As the four approached the house, I wondered whether Barrington felt the same fear Ryan did when the agents closed in on our apartment.

Probably not. Barrington at least knew what he faced.

They covered the front and back doors and I could smell the explosives they carried. There would not be a repeat of what happened at my apartment.

“The doors are open.” I spoke out loud, but made sure they heard my words inside their minds. Being inside their heads allowed me to see what they had planned. Fools. “If you use the gas, I guarantee you, only you four will be affected.”

That gave them a moment’s pause.  What did they expect? Did they think everyone had lied? Their indecision gave me a toehold.

“It would be easier if you just come inside. I know you’re out there and if I wanted it, you’d all be dead by now.”

Dealing with these people made me glad Ryan and I chose a different path. The need to constantly demonstrate my abilities grated on me. Sadly, these four required it as well.

I moved to the front door, hiding the sound of my footsteps. They also didn’t notice me open the door. The two men communicated in sign language as if I didn’t know their thoughts. Before they could execute their plan to use a concussion grenade, I slipped the weapon from its clip. For good measure I took most everything else they carried as well.

“Go inside and sit on the couch. Don’t speak to each other or make any noise.” I dropped their gear in the bushes and watched them do as instructed before I walked to the rear.

These two – a male and a female –squatted beneath a window. They managed to affix a small black camera to a lower pane of glass. They watched the feed on a small monitor, using their coats to shield the glare.

I could have made them see whatever I wanted, but I preferred they saw nothing.  Carefully, I disarmed them sent them inside to join the others.

Their thoughts told me that whoever sent these four had numerous listening and visual devices trained on the house. Rather than take the time to make them see what they expected, I simply jammed their signal. Better to hide what I could do with a bit of time.

I followed the last two into the living room. The female led the mission so I ‘woke’ her first.

“Agent Caldor.” It added to my effect if I remained invisible so I only let her hear my voice.

Like others in law enforcement I’d encountered, she immediately reached for her weapon. When she didn’t find her gun, her hands flew around her body, searching for something she could use. Only then did she realize she shouldn’t be inside the house. “How?”

“You won’t need a weapon. If I’d wanted to hurt you, I could have done so by now.”

“Who are you? Show yourself.”

“Is that part of a script they teach everyone? Go back to your agency and tell them that line of questioning doesn’t work.”

She took a step toward her partners, but I stopped her. “Not yet, Agent Caldor. Right now it’s just you and me.”

I searched her mind for the image of a senior member of her chain of command and became visible. “What? Who…what do you want?”

“I’d ask the same of you, but I already know.” I held out my hands. “Feel free to take me into custody. I’ll come along quietly.”

A quick check and she realized I’d taken  her plastic flexi cuffs as well. After a small shrug I lowered my arms. “Never mind.”

“Is this some kinda game for you?” Her mind raced as she scanned the small room. Perhaps I’d gone too far.

“No.” Short answers were always my favorite.

“Then what do you want?” Her fear gave the words an angry, menacing tone.

“I want to end this. My way makes it easier for your bosses to sweep this all under the rug. Had you blown the door, or used the grenades, you’d never be able to hide all traces of the encounter.”

“If you read minds….”

“Yes agent, I know, you don’t have any idea why they want me. You were briefed on what to expect, but not why.” Ryan was better at dealing with fools. I changed my image to look like the man who’d given her the assignment. “Your boss knows better. He at least believes what I can do.”

Her heart still pounded, but she fear slowly receded. “So…what next?”

I tossed her the cellphone I’d taken from her pocket. “Call your boss and tell him I want to speak to the person in charge – the top, not some underling. Until he shows up, I keep your partners.”

She glared at me; hate dripping like tears from her eyes. “If you harm them, I’ll….”

“An empty threat and we both know it. They’ll be fine, but remind your people that they’ll be defenseless against gas or a grenade.”

“You’re a monster.”

“No agent.” I moved into her space. “I’m nothing like your bosses.”

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