NaNoWriMo has been interesting. Much like a lot of things, November started with a surge – the first 12 days I averaged almost 2000 words a day.  The last five I’ve done less than 800 a day.  That said, I’m hoping to get to that 50K mark by the end of the month.  Not sure it will be done at 50k – doubtful really – but at least I can say I made the 50K threshold.  If I do make it, I’ll have written almost  double the number of words in one month that I managed in the six prior, so no matter what the result, it will have been a good exercise.  I’ve got an updater on the right side of this page so check it out for my current progress.

The hard part of course will be to keep the ball rolling. With the holidays that will be impossible.  Maybe NaNoWriMo can move to Feb or March so that once you get in the grove, you don’t let the holiday’s break the habit.  I think it’s safe to say that once I get the rough draft of Harp Strings done, I’ll need to go back and do some major work on it, but I’ll still be glad to getter done.

As some know, I’m part of the Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction group. We’re trying something new – our own website to help better cross promote each other’s work.  For those interested, here’s the site.:

As part of the group effort we’re planning to post new releases from the authors involves so if you get a chance, click over and follow the site to get updates as they happen.