This is my blog’s 200th post. I wish I had something stupendous to announce, or wildly entertaining. Instead I figured I’d use it to do what I had planned to do today all along – post an update. Boring? Perhaps, but I try to make it mildly interesting if I can.

When I started this site/blog, it was meant to promote my first book and the others that would hopefully follow. I had no idea what that really meant – even if at the time I thought I had it all figured out.  In the 199 posts that preceded this one, I learned a few things that I hope will make the next 200 better.

I’ve almost finished Book Two of Champions – well the rough draft. I hope to have this finished by mid December and submit it and see what happens. Hopefully by next month’s update I’ll know for sure when I plan to submit it.

Right now it’s NaNoWriMo and I’m taking a stab at successfully doing it.  I’m writing a story I’ve titled Harp Strings. This is a contemporary story so it’s a bit of a new genre for me. Although I wrote Second Shot and Bettor To Lose, neither of those were submitted for publication. This one will be – hopefully it will get picked up.  I’ve posted the rough draft of the first chapter if anyone wants to take a peek and let me know their thoughts.

Harp Strings – First Chapter:

If you want a short synopsis, check out my home page on NaNoWriMo

Also, because this is post 200 and I promised something mildly interesting, I’ve also posted the first chapter of two other stories I’ve started – typically if I have a new idea that needs to be written, I’ll take a break from what I’m doing and write as much as I can of the new story. Some get more than others.  But here are two that I’ve started:

ArchAngel:  Chapter 1:

I’m quite sure how much to write about the plot – I don’t want to give too much away so I’d want to think about it a bit more before writing too much.  The basis of this is there are Angels living among us and we don’t know. The story revolves around Nick Fenton who is not all that lucky at love. He blames part of it on having a totally hot best friend/roommate who always seems to be the center of attention.  But things are never as they seem including Nick’s lack of a love life.

Dlgen: Chapter 1:

I’ll be honest, in some ways, this is the story I most want to write. But it is also another series and I really need to finish Champions before I start a new one.  Dlgen get’s it name from the warriors graced by the gods with special talent. There are 5 levels of Dlgen,  and I planned to have 5 books each one following Harlan as he progresses through the ranks.

Harlan is 18 when the book starts, his father – Telg is the only living Dlgen of the fifth order. Telg adopts Harlan after he comes upon Harlan being attacked by the other boys in his village. Harlan has been disowned by his family and cast out. But Telg saw something special in Harlan and claimed him as his own son.

Harlan is indeed special. The gods have chosen Harlan and  Stefrem, a prince of Gillum, as the ones to protect the world from a return on an ancient evil. But first these two need to figure out that they don’t hate each other.

My plan is to finish NaNoWriMo and then finish Champions – book two. The rest of Champions is written – in rough draft form – so I hope to get all those books out in rapid succession after book two.  Once that is over, I have to decide what to focus on next.

So here’s a quick Poll – what should I focus on after I finish The Eye And The Arm; Book Two of Champion of the Gods? Please vote and leave comments if you like.