wedbriefs badgeThis is a bit different than what I’d expected to go with, but I’m not sure where to take Second Shot just yet, so I went with something else. I’ve been toying with ideas for continuing the Purpose story line, and to be honest, I have no idea if this would be the arc I take or not, but I’m tossing out idea and seeing if I get any reaction.  For those who haven’t read Purpose, it’s probably useful to read it to understanding most of this, but maybe not. I’m too closely tied into my book to know for sure. In either case, here is a short concept piece so to speak, that takes place after the end of the book.

A New Beginning -2


Ryan tossed a copy of the Washington Post onto the table. Pointless as it was, I did as expected and picked it up. I didn’t need to read the words to know what happened. After glancing at the headline, I put it down.

“Did you expect anything else?” I figured coffee might help relax him, so I grabbed a mug from the cabinet and slipped one his favorite cups into the machine.

“You knew?”

“Knew? No. But as I said to Griffin before we left DC, the Bureau was never going to let their secret file on me get aired in a courtroom.” The machine hissed as it brewed Ryan’s coffee. “What I didn’t expect was that they let Barrington go to trial at all.”

I knew all too well the sour face Ryan made. He hated the man for more than just the injuries he sustained when Barrington gave the order to blow up our front door.

“That would explain what I read.” Ryan ignored the coffee and retrieved the paper. “The article said he was charged in local court with some minor endangerment charges and the prosecutor had to dismiss the case for lack of evidence.”

“Yup, that sounds like what they’d do.” I waited for the machine to stop dripping to retrieve the cup. “Here, I figured you could use this.”

The smile I got made my day; it always did. His whole face participated in the grin. “That was sweet of you.”

Ryan put down the drink and moved closer. I didn’t need to be asked before I brought my lips to his. “I can’t believe you made me wait this long for a kiss.”

“Me neither,” he said and gave me a second, longer kiss; one that continued because neither of us wanted it to end. I could tell he ‘missed me’ as much as I missed him, so when he took a step back, I started toward the bedroom.

“You should call Griffin.” Ryan deftly adjusted himself and reached for his coffee.

“Wow. I missed you too.” I wasn’t really upset, but those weren’t the words I expected.

“Will, we can do that too, but don’t you think you should find out what happened?”

“How would Griffin know?” I doubted the Director consulted him on the topic.

“I dunno, it’s not like he’s a detective and lives in Washington and …oh, what’s this?” Ryan picked up the paper again, and folded it so only the article was visible. “‘Lead detective, Daniel Griffin, said he was disappointed by the result, but understood the decision.’ Still think he has no idea?”

I rolled my eyes, but I’d learned early in our relationship that I couldn’t out snark him. “Okay, so he knows something about what happened, so what?

“Sometimes, Will….” Ryan closed one eyelid and tightened his lips.

“Now why am I getting the evil eye? Barrington….”

“The what?”

I sighed. The lost years when Gar led my life bothered me more when I used ‘ancient’ words. “You’re giving me a dirty look.”

Ryan continued to glare at me for a few mores seconds, then he moved closer. He smiled a half second before he kissed me. Short, quick, but I never tired of the contact, no matter how brief.

“I know what the ‘evil eye’ is, Will. I was just teasing you.” He cupped my face in his hands and kissed me again. “But I think it’d be good to know what Barrington is up to, don’t you?”

“No.” I waited for a reaction and just before he told me why I was wrong, I added, “But I’ll call Griffin because you asked.”

Ryan struggled for a moment to stay mad, but as expected, he gave me a smile. “Thanks, Will. You’re the best.”

“Does it earn me a few, ‘you’re the best boyfriend points?'” I wiggled my eyebrows and gave him my cheesiest grin.

“Hmm.” Ryan tapped his chin a few times. “Let me think. Maybe two points, three max.”

“And what do I get for two, maybe three points?” Ryan’s playful nature roped me in every time.

“Not much to be honest.” He shrugged and turned back to his coffee. “You need at least five to cash them in.”

“Oh really.”

“Yes, sorry, Will, but rules are rules.” He lifted the cup to his lips but I put my hand between the two before he could drink.

“And how many points does making coffee for my cute and oh so missed boyfriend as soon as he got home earn me?” I put my other hand under the mug and gently tugged it toward me. “If it’s not worth at least 3, I think I’ll take it back.”

“Three?” He let go of the handle. “My god, I can go over and make it myself in a minute.” Ryan gestured toward the coffee maker. “One, not a point more.”

“I’m sure you could make your own, but it won’t taste as good.”

“No? Did you use special coffee or something?”

“Or something.” I gave it back with a wink. “I…made this one… for you.”

I punctuated each pause with a kiss, and he moaned softly with each one. “Wow.” Ryan looked out of breath. “I don’t think three points is enough for something that special.”

“I didn’t think so either. Glad you agree.” I gave him a last kiss then fished my phone out of my pocket.  “And since I now have more than the requisite five points, I’d like to cash them in after I make this call.”

“Exactly what did you want for your points?” Ryan’s smirk told me he knew exactly what I wanted.

I pointed toward the phone. “Umm – calling Detective Griffin. Remember? You wanted it done right away?”


The phone started to ring, so I turned away to avoid laughing at his antics.  On the third ring, the call connected.

“Detective Griffin’s phone, Chief Rawlings speaking.”

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