As most readers know, Mike and I got married last weekend. Was probably the second best day I can remember – ‘lil q’s birth will be very hard to top. Everything went really smoothly – though I’ll admit to a touch of being grumpy toward the end of getting pictures taken.

During the ceremony, just after the clerk asked ‘does anyone know why these two should not marry, speak now. . . .’ my 2 year old cousin decided to yell “NO!” to her mother. Fortunately, the clerk said a two year old’s objection doesn’t count. ‘lil q also felt the need to be more involved. Just as we started, she marched over, grabbed her diaper bag from her grandmother, marched up to where Mike and I were standing and said, ‘Papa, picky uppy.’ You’ll see in the pictures that I obliged.

The reception went extremely well. The Marriott at University of Maryland told us we were the first same sex wedding reception they’d held. Judging by how smoothly it went, it felt like they’d done hundreds.  Probably means they treated us just like every other couple. They were amazing, so I wanted to give them a bit of a shout out.

I have to say that a week later, it doesn’t really feel that much different than before – well other than the ring is a bit annoying since I’ve never worn jewelry before. To me that’s as it should be, I would have married him 15 years ago had they let us. This was special, no doubt, but it didn’t change much for us. It did, however, feel like the culmination of years of hope and work. It was nice to be able to tell the world, ‘this is who I want to spend my life with, grow old with together and raise our child’; to have the clerks at the court house not bat an eye when we applied for the license or showed up for the ceremony; [there was another gay couple getting married right after us] to have the hotel treat us like every other couple getting married; and for our families – and friends – to show up and celebrate.

I’d hope to post a few more pictures, but I don’t have the ones from the photographer back yet.  But here are a few for now.

Wedding Pictures: