Everyone has to start somewhere, so today was the first book festival I attended as an author – remind me when I introduce myself not to use my real name. DOH!  Several other authors who’s book are published by Dreamspinner Press were also there; Shira Anthony, Marguerite Labbe, Ken Murphy and H. B. Pattskyn.

First a shout out to the DC Center for putting this together. Not knowing what to expect, I’m glad my ‘first’ was with a group and not on my own. Having other people to talk to instead of just starting out into space waiting for people to stop by was a bit help. The festival was centered around the reading from various poets and authors and the attendees would wander around in between sessions.

In the end, I didn’t sell very much, but since I’m local it was just the cost of a metro ride into town for me so it was worth it.   Here’s shot of the five of us at the start of the festival.