Today’s guest is a new, but not so new author.  Brynn Stein has been writing for at least a decade, but only recently decided to try and get published.  Her latest book, Haunted is slated for release on July 17, 2013, is a novella that . . . well I’ll let her tell her own story. 

Author Profile: Byrnn Stein

1)  Tell us about yourself – be as specific or vague about personal details as you feel comfortable  – where do you reside, age, family, pets, etc.

I live in Virginia with my two daughters, two cats, my cocker spaniel and my daughters’ crazy Australian Shepherd, who, I’m sure, was Houdini in another life. Both my daughters are very supportive of my writing, and have developed permanently attached slash glasses. (‘Slash’ being what m/m is called in fan-fiction).

2)  How long have you been writing? And do you write in any other genres besides m/m?

I’ve written fan-fiction for over ten years.  Before that, I just wrote for me.  Until very recently, none of my stories were actually romances, though they did all feature strong emotional attachments between two male characters. It seemed to be a pretty small step from there to m/m romance.

3)  Haunted – Where did the inspiration for this book come from?

Actually, a form of the story came about as an answer to a fan-fiction prompt, but it was always an AU (alternate universe…meaning not using the ideas from the fandom anyway) and I was fighting it to keep it fan-fiction.  A friend suggested I rewrite it and just let it go where it wanted, instead of trying to fit it into the fandom, so I did that.  It was a lot more fun once I stopped fighting it.  The same friend suggest I submit it to Dreamspinner Press.

4)  One of your main character’s is cop the other is dead. Interesting combination. Do you have a law enforcement background? 

I do not personally have a law enforcement background, but my nephew is a police officer and the lead character kind of reminded me of him. When I stopped fighting the character and just let him tell me what he wanted to be, it turned out to be a detective.  The idea to have one character be a ghost came from the fan-fiction prompt.

5)  Tell us something interesting that’s not in the blurb.

Jason (the ghost) enjoys trying to make Len blush…and usually manages it pretty easily.

6)  This was your first published book – talk a bit about what it felt like when they accepted your manuscript.

I was ‘over the moon’. My youngest and I actually danced around the living room. She’s a dancer…so it seemed like a good idea at the time.

7)  The process of working with an editor, cover artist etc is vastly different from a beta reader or someone who ‘edits for you.’ How did you find the process?

I didn’t know what to expect, at first, so I asked a lot of questions.  Everyone was very helpful and had great ideas. It was fun working with the artist.  I had a rough idea of what I wanted for the cover, and like to draw, so I drew the idea.  Paul Richmond ran with it and really made it come to life.

8)  What’s your favorite part of the writing process?

Getting on a roll…having ideas come so fast and fully formed that I can hardly keep up and get it down on paper fast enough.

9)  What’s your least favorite?

When my characters refuse to talk to me.

10)  Tell us about what you’re working on next?

I’m about 40,000 words into a story about a man recovering from a car accident, his private male nurse, and the nurse’s handicapped son.

11)  If you could meet any writer, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Isaac Asimov, no question. His Foundation Trilogy is at the top of ‘favorite books ever’ list.

12)  What’s a fun – non-writing – day forou?

Spending time with my family.  On our last vacation, my girls and I went jet skiing on the ocean, then spent the rest of the day relaxing on the beach…pretty much a perfect day.  On normal fun days, we go shopping or out to dinner.  We also love to go see movies…especially science fiction.

13)  Besides reading and writing, what else do you enjoy?

I love to draw.  I’ve sold several portraits of people and animals.  Lately I’ve gotten into drawing m/m pictures (G rated). I also enjoy singing and playing the piano.


Thanks for being my guest, now it’s time to plug your work –


When Lenard Blake is forced to leave his wife, he divorces not just her but her influential family, who makes it impossible for him to keep his job as a Denver police officer, never mind to find another one anywhere in Colorado. But a rural police force in Virginia has an opening, and the move could be just the change he needs, so Lenard buys a house based on an Internet ad. But when he arrives, he finds that the house looks nothing like the ad… and it’s haunted as well.

Lenard doesn’t believe in the supernatural, but he decides to research his supposed ghost anyway. Soon he learns that fifteen years ago, Jason Miller was murdered in the house, and his entire family died under suspicious circumstances. As he makes friends with his ghostly companion, they join forces to try to solve the old murders. Along the way, they find there are some things that conquer even death.


No matter how hard he tried, Len could just not get used to seeing his lover out in the cold weather in just a T-shirt and jeans.

“Can’t you… like… manifest a jacket or something?” he finally asked.

“What?” Jason gave his well thought-out reply.

“You’re freezing me to death just making me watch you in that damned T-shirt.” Jason just smirked and Lenard continued.  “Come on, old man.  You can ‘think’ your clothes off. Why not think some on?

Jason seemed to think about it.  “I can ‘think’ my clothes off because my physical form is just mind over matter anyway, so I pretty much look like whatever I want to… I think.”

“So want a coat on.”

“Why?” Jason smiled.  “I’m not cold.”

“Why not?” Lenard asked. “I know you can feel stuff.”

Jason leered.  “Oh, I can definitely feel stuff.” When Len didn’t say anything, the ghost continued. “I feel the cold.  It just doesn’t bother me.”

“Well,” Lenard grumbled, “it bothers me! Put on a damned coat.”

Jason looked like he was thinking and then was suddenly wearing a beautiful leather jacket. “This is my favorite jacket.  I was almost always wearing this.  Well, not when I worked in the workshop, so that’s why I didn’t die in it.  Probably a good thing, because I’d be really pissed if my jacket got messed up.”

Len didn’t really like it when Jason resorted to gallows humor, but he smiled anyway, just as the ghost plopped into the snow and started to roll around. 

You’re going to ruin your jacket.”

“Len,” Jason burst out laughing. “It’s not really here!” The coat disappeared.  “None of it is.” Jason was suddenly naked in the snow.

“Oh my God!” Lenard exclaimed.  “Put the clothes back on!”

All the clothes reappeared, and Jason doubled over laughing until a snowball exploded on his chest.

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