Now that Purpose has been released and the promo blitz is basically over, I’m turning my focus back onto other things.

Two things I was/am doing on my site are geared toward helping other authors promote their books. You can scan through the posts under the “Blog” & “New Releases” tabs for examples.

Mondays – I have been posting new releases – basically cover, blurb, buy link at a minimum, but author bio, social media and if the book is out more than a week, reviews if the author wants to include them. Anyone with a new release can have it posted – pending releases will go up the week they come out, already released books – well I’m flexible on how new is new so if you’re in doubt – email me, chances are it’s fine. Whether you’re working with a publisher or are self published, all are welcome.

Thursdays – I do author profiles/spotlights. These tend to be more general – “hi, I’m so and so” – and not necessarily book specific – but they can be whatever you like, interview, guest post, random musing – whatever.

I’ll take guest posts to promote books any day but Monday, Wed and Thursday.

I should probably do a set of guidelines somewhere, but sheesh that feels like work. 😛

Shoot me an email if interested. No reciprocity required. 🙂