Soccer Background Cover 3.2 Titled copySince I’m 12 chapters into the Wednesday Brief story, Second Shot- The Senior Year, I thought it might nice to have a cover associated with it.  What I learned is, without even thinking about doing the art work myself, it’s hard to come up with a cover. You want something that conveys  the theme of the story, that’s eye catching, that’s well done, etc.  And of course the artist really doesn’t know what you want or what to do so you’ve got to have ideas for what you want and tell it to them. Oh, and lest I forget, just because you have an image in your head, doesn’t mean you can get that image from stock. And as I learned, if it’s not in stock, be ready to pay for what you want.

Despite all that – I’m really pleased with the result – so pleased in fact I didn’t want to wait until next week’s Wednesday Brief to show it off.

Cia Nordwell is the artist. Apart from doing good work, she is really patient with dimwitted  authors [like me]. We went through several Q & A’s before she looked for photographs. Once we had them, I probably asked to change things about 10 times. Nary a complaint was heard from Cia as she tried to make it work for me. And well I think she did a great job.

Cia is doing covers, both custom – like mine – or ready made.  She’s selling them through the Gay Authors store [Click the link to ask for a quote].  Or you can contact her direct on her site: Cia’s Site.

If you like the cover, let her know by leaving a comment or clicking like.