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“So how are you going to get here?” Blake really didn’t care that much except that he wanted to be sure Ethan had a ride before he hung up. Not that he wanted to go, but they’d been talking for a while now and he needed to meet his teammates for dinner

“Keep your shorts on–no wait, take them off so you’ll be naked when I get there.”

Blake laughed despite himself. “Don’t worry Mr. Walking Woody, there’ll be plenty of time for me to send you home walking funny.”

“Hold on there, I’m no easy hookup. What kind of visit do you think this is?” Ethan’s feigned indignation only added to Blake’s amusement.

“The kind where you tell me to meet you at the door naked.”

“Oh yeah, that kind. So is it?”

“Is it what?” Not for the first time Blake wished the Internet worked in the dorm so they could Skype. By the time they turned it on Brett, his roommate, would be back and the chances for a private video chat dwindled dramatically.

“That kind of visit, doofus.”

Blake could just see Ethan sitting in his room, rolling his eyes dramatically.  “Maybe.”

“Bloody tease. You’re so bad. Build up a boy’s hopes and then send them crashing back to earth.”

“Is maybe the new no?” Despite the complaining, Blake could tell Ethan’s mood matched his and he couldn’t wait for tomorrow. “Because if not, I never said no. Maybe means you might need to convince me to make it that kinda visit.”

“Oh really? You’re daring me to try?”

As if. Blake learned last weekend that Ethan didn’t need any encouragement to ‘try.’ “Do you really need an incentive?”

“Of course not, but a bit of enthusiasm on your part wouldn’t hurt.”

“Seriously, Ethan, if you knew how much I’m looking forward to this you wouldn’t say that.”

“Excellent. So you’ll meet me naked at the door?”


“See?” Ethan managed the word despite laughing. “There you go again.”

“Eth, I have to let you in the building. It’s locked because there are only four of us in the whole place.”

“Oh yeah, right. Forgot that.”

Blake laughed. “Disappointed?”

“Not at all. But you have to admit, it would’ve been hot.”

The husky edge to Ethan’s voice had Blake’s head whirling to find some way to make it happen. He took a moment to clear his mind before answering. “Yeah. So, how are you getting here? You never finished answering me.”

“True, you side tracked me with talk of meeting me naked at the door.”

Blake snorted. He quickly figured out that Ethan usually answered everything with a joke. It was part of his appeal; always happy and up beat. But occasionally it turned annoying.

“Right, so. . .Ethan, Graydon, getting here how?”

“Wow, so serious.” Ethan chuckled before taking a deep breath. “You know you’re a lot like Jason. He’s always so focused.  Must be a soccer player thing.”


“Right, sorry.  Damn ADHD. My brother is lending me his car. His fiancé has a car and they spend almost every waking moment together these days so he told me I can use it whenever.”

“Nice.” Blake started to think about the other weekends before Brett and the rest of the dorm got back. He squashed that quickly. First they needed to get through this weekend before he started to plan more. “Jase said he and Peter could meet us for dinner tomorrow.”


“What’s wrong?”

Silence met Blake’s question and he wondered if he’d said something wrong.

“Honestly?” For the first time Blake could recall, Ethan sounded unsure. “I’d rather just hang out with you. I mean we can go meet them later, but I was hoping to spend time alone. And not vertical either…well I hope to spend a good bit of time on my back underneath you, but I also want a chance for us to get to know each other better.”

While not the answer he expected, Blake’s face split into a wide grin.  “No problem. I’ll tell Jase we’ll meet them on Saturday for something. How’s that?”

“Better, but try not to insinuate we’re going to spend the weekend in bed.”

Still smiling, Blake shook his head. This weekend should be fun in more ways than one. “I’ll do my best not to imply why we’re blowing them off tomorrow night.”

“Good. I knew I could count on you.” Ethan let out a breath. “I better let you go, I know you have to meet your teammates.”

“Yeah.” Suddenly he didn’t want to go. “I’d rather talk to you, but I really should go.”

“Call me later, Soccer Stud. I’ll be up–in more ways….”

“Don’t say it! It’s already hard enough to go to dinner without chucking wood the whole way.”

“Hard enough? Are you sure?”

Blake could almost see Ethan wiggling his eyebrows and he let out a sigh. “You’ll find out tomorrow. Okay, I’ll call you later.”

“Cool. Bye, Blake.”

“See ya.”

After tapping the ‘end’ bar, Blake tossed the phone on the empty bed. He took a couple deep breaths before adjusting himself. Dinner was going to be torture after that conversation. Checking the time, he quickly dismissed the notion of taking care of himself before going. Hopefully he’d relax on the walk over.

Maybe the idea of meeting him naked at the door wouldn’t be such a bad idea. If only he didn’t need to let Ethan into the building.

Searching the room, he found his keys. He had time to figure it out and if not, it wouldn’t matter. They’d still have fun.

But if he could.

He felt himself stir even more and realized he had to stop thinking about tomorrow. At least until after dinner.

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