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Blake pulled the shower curtain back and reached for his towel. For a school with as many rich kids as Graydon, you’d think they could afford more than a piece of cheap plastic for the showers. Then again, the dorms were not the housing of choice. As the ‘most affordable’ option, the majority of students who lived there didn’t qualify as the ‘well heeled.’

But the place fit his family’s budget, wasn’t far from practice and he and his roommate got along well. At least they did so far. Coming out might change that, which could weigh in favor of staying put.

Staying put meant saying goodbye to Ethan. Not that they ‘had’ much right now, but thinking about the possibility of something made Blake glad the dorm was empty and no one could see him start to get aroused.

“Fuck.” Why did everything have to be so hard? The logical half of his brain told him this would be over before the middle of soccer – maybe even before soccer and school started in three weeks.  They lived hours apart, went to different colleges, had separate lives, so why did he think they had a chance?

Running his hand through his hair, he sighed. Because he wanted this to work.”

If it had just been a night of sex–amazingly fun sex–Blake might have been able to put it aside. But they’d talked for hours before Ethan went home and in the two days since. Not only could Ethan make him laugh, but he had the same natural curiosity about things that Blake did. Funny, cute and smart.  Oh yeah, that too.

Despite being the only one on his floor, Blake wrapped the towel tightly around his waist and collected his things. He promised to Skype with Ethan after his run and he wanted to make it to dinner with Jason, Darryl and the others.

When he picked up his phone, he saw three text messages – all from Ethan.

:I’m back – call me when ur done.:

:What did u do? Run a marathon?:

:Let me guess, u showered first so u’d smell good when u called J :

Blake laughed and turned on his laptop before responding.

:lol busted! Will call in a min.:

He pulled on some boxers and yanked a t-shirt over his head while his computer finished booting up.  Ethan would comment on Blake getting dressed, but naked Skypeing’ wasn’t his thing.

Before he settled the shirt over his stomach, the screen pinged. “Someone’s anxious,” he said, settling into his chair. Looking at the small laptop screen, he regretting not opening the box with his new, larger monitor. It took an hour of demonstrations to show his parent why he wanted a monitor and not a TV for his dorm, but they finally understood.

“Bout freakin time,” Ethan said as soon they were connected. “A man can only jerk off alone but so many times before he’s declared a loser.”

Blake snorted. “You’d better get used to the name loser, because we are so not having Skype sex.”

Ethan’s white teeth made a stark contrast to his dark tan. “That’s no fun. Anything I can do to get you to change your mind?”

“Agree to come see me this weekend and I might.” Blake knew Ethan probably couldn’t do it, but it didn’t hurt to try.

“Yeah?” Ethan wiggled his eyebrows. “That’s all it’ll take? You’re that easy?”

“I only said I might.” If Ethan agreed, they could both wait until Friday night.

“Bloody tease.” Ethan yawned. “Sorry, getting up at five am and then working in the sun all day is a bear.”

“But you have an awesome tan to show for it.” Blake left out ‘a tight body and hot tan lines’.

“I see how it is, you only like me for my body.” Ethan feigned indignation.

“Well, I don’t recall a whole lot of talking happening once you dragged me into Jase’s room.”

“I might have talked more if your tongue wasn’t down my throat.” Ethan’s husky voice only added to Blake’s budding arousal.

“Okay, so we didn’t talk much at first.” And he hadn’t heard Ethan complain at the time either. “So how was work at the Henry House?”

“Oh my god.” Ethan started to laugh then waved his hand in front of the camera. “So you know the story about Reggie, the lazy ass head grounds keeper? The one who’s been with them forever, but you need a cattle prod to get him to do any work?”

“Yeah, Jase mentioned him before.” And never in a good way.

“Yeah, well, today Mr. Henry called me to the house to talk about my brother’s wedding. He and Mrs. Henry wanted to know where they’re registered.  Anyway, after I gave him the information, Mr. Henry said something about needing to talk to Reggie.”

“Doesn’t he goof off and watch videos or something.” Although Blake liked seeing Ethan so animated, he didn’t want to spend their time talking about Ethan’s boss.

“Something like that.” Ethan started laughing again.  “I offered to go tell Reggie Mr. Henry wanted to speak to him, but Mr. Henry wanted to see him personally. He’s not stupid. He must know what Reggie’s like. When we got to Reggie’s office, we found him sound asleep, leaning back in his chair, computer screen on.”

Ethan began laughing so hard that Blake started to join him, despite not knowing the joke. Finally Ethan got himself under control enough to continue.  “Seems old Reg likes himself some in charge women.”

The uncontrollable laughter returned but Blake wasn’t as amused this time. He really wanted to talk about something else. “What does that mean?”

“The screen that Reggie left up was for Mistress Dominatrix. And the woman had this nasty looking whip out.”  This time Ethan just rolled his eyes a bit. “Reggie must have heard us and he saw we were looking at his screen and I swear he must’ve shit himself. He started stumbling and babbling. Finally Mr. Henry says, ‘Where did you want Ethan to go now that I’m done with him.

“Reggie still looked ghost white, and mumbled something about go find the crew out back. Much as I wanted to hear what Mr. Henry said, I got out quick.”

“So you didn’t get to hear what happened next?”

“Nope, but I wish I had.” Ethan shrugged and flashed Blake a wide grin. “So, when should I be there on Friday?”

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