Today’s spotlight is a bit late – sorry about that, just had a few things going on.  Sadly, I’m late on my favoritist author.  If I’m biased toward Anyta Sunday, it’s because she is also my good friend. We’ve written books together, won a contest together, our families shared the Fourth of July celebration together, we chat, we’ve talked, we’ve sat together. In short, she’s my friend.  BUT, if that wasn’t enough, she is truly a gifted author.  Her stories are imaginative, funny, sad, engaging and entertaining. Read one of her stories and you’ll be hooked.  Character seems to jump off the page they’re so vibrant and real. So pull up a seat, read a bit about Anyta, then go buy a book or four. You won’t be sorry.

Author Profile: Anyta Sunday

Veined_neu_b1)    You’ve written several books that you’ve published.  Which one was your first?

The first book I put out there for sale was ‘Veined’, the first in the Guardian of the Angels series, in 2011.

2)    Lethed is the latest in your Guardian of the Angels series.  Tell us a bit about Lethed and the series.

Gah . . . I hate summarizing. It takes me almost as long to do that than to write the novel. But . . . toregurgitate the blurb, basically this is a paranormal romance where the main character, Sylva Lark, finds herself in the middle of a supernatural war between Angels and Demons. She is one of the “Guardians” — like a soldier recruited by the Angels to protect them. The story revolves around the changes to her life and how she comes to accept/reject it.

3)    Angel guardians, invisible boys, boys with cursed faces, dragons, child ghosts, not to mention a slew of men in love, that’s quite a diverse group of characters.  Where does the inspiration for these characters come from?

Not sure exactly. A random thought comes to me and gets added on as I mull over it. Then I start hearing bits of dialogue or seeing parts of scenes. I take it from there.

4)    You seem to like many different genres. Which is your favorite genre? And why? Is your favorite the same for reading as well as writing or are they different?

Lethed_neu_b (1)

Ohhh, that’s difficult. I go through phases, and I like to try new things. At the moment my favorite is writing contemporary gay romance—but that can change as my next project comes along. When I was writing “Lethed” for example, I was thinking ‘how was it I can write anything other than Urban Fantasy?’

5)    Born in New Zealand, then moved to Berlin, Germany, a brief stop over in Pittsburgh, United States, now back in Berlin, you’ve lived and seen a lot.  What do you miss about the places where you used to live?

It’s more the people I miss than the place in itself. Usually the place becomes a series of memories I can remember having in it. For example, I loved going to the library in Pittsburgh up on Squirrel Hill. That was part of my daily routine—and where I wrote “The F Words”. So I miss that library, and the people I could travel to more easily to visit. Like one dear beta reader of mine.

From New Zealand I really miss my friends from Uni. I just loved how we used to meet up bringing each other coffee to our work places . . . Oh and all those study sessions in the Uni library, where we smuggled in our jug so we could make cups of tea in the girls bathrooms. . . . Gah, and don’t get me started on all the chocolate fish we had . . . Yum.

TheFWords_1b6)    We all have favorite books what’s yours? Is there a writer or writers who inspired you to write or whose writing style you look up to?

Childhood favorites: Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, Tomorrow When The War Began, The Axis Trilogy, The Wayfarer Redemption, The Secret Seven, A Little Princess . . .

As an adult, well, this is harder. But here are a few:

Call Me By Your Name


Most of anything by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

7)    Tell us about your upcoming book. What was the inspiration for the Book? Which character do you most connect to?

I am totally head-over-heels in love with the characters in this book—whether or not I portray them well is another matter, but their personalities are very much alive and kicking in my head.

Favorite? I don’t know I could pick. The Oma is very unconventional to say the least, and she makes me smile. The story plays over 18ish years and so I really get to know Lenny and his friends Karlo and Julien from childhood and into adulthood. Needless to say, they change quite a bit in that time. I think Julien ends up being my favorite character, because we see him through Lenny’s eyes, and though it takes him a long time to realize it, he loves—is in love with—his friend (also incidentally his cousin too—but that’s part of the conflict keeping them apart).

8)     What is your favorite book that you’ve written and why?

It’s always the one I’m writing right now, lol. I think because I always want this book to be better, to work on the weaknesses of other books etc.


9)     Marketing – yes, I said that dirty word. Talking about your approach to ‘selling’ your book and this impacts your writing?

I usually write a blog entry and post something on my Facebook wall and Tweet that a new book is out . . . then I hope for the best, and that there’s word-of-mouth. It helps that via Amazon I can put up my books for free from time-to-time. But, in all honesty, I really need to work on this part of things. My favorite is working on the actual novel. Once I publish the book, I get lazy.

10) What’s your favorite part of the writing process?

Easy. The first draft. The passion is in that one. The re-writing is when the “work” begins, lol.

11) Do you ever model characters after people you know? If so in what way? Looks? Personality? Life events?
Not really, but sometimes I’m inspired by the “feel” a person gives me (or a feeling I’ve experienced before). For example, if they are mysterious or bubbly or comical or lonely.

12)  I know you like to travel, what’s next on the list for you?  Do you ever go places and find inspiration for a new story in a new place?

I’m happy to settle in Berlin for the foreseeable future. With a kid soon to start school, I want to offer him a stable place of living. But at some point in the future, I really would love to try living in the UK.


13)  If you could meet any of your characters, who would it be?

All of them—I’d be super curious to meet them in person. But if I could only choose one? Then . . . maybe Lethe from (Un)masked before his curse is broken, because I want to know if I see the real him or someone else.

Blurb for the book: Shane & Trey (Book I in the Enemies-to-Lovers series)

Shane is a little bit screwed. He has just started college and is stuck rooming with that bastard Trey. His sister’s boyfriend. His sister’s damn fine boyfriend. Uh-oh. This so wasn’t going to happen.

But try as he might, there’s just a little too much to ignore between the two of them…