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Jason watched his right hand trace patterns in Peter’s fine chest hairs. Resting on Peter’s shoulder, Jason felt his boyfriend’s hand gently rubbing his lower back and butt. After a grueling ten plus mile run, he hadn’t planned on afternoon sex, but it didn’t take much for Peter to get him in the mood.

Peter kissed Jason’s still damp hair. “What’s going on in here, Soccer Boy?”

Jason snuggled a bit closer. “Just happy, and a bit sore. It’s been a while since you topped me.”

“Was I too rough?” Peter brought his left arm over and stroked Jason’s face.

“No, but it has been a while.”

“That’s because I like it better when you’re the top. But today I wanted to do both.”

“I’m not complaining—much.”

Peter chuckled and hugged him tighter. “Not much, eh?”

“Nope, not much.” Good thing he ran before Peter decided to ‘take care of him.’ “I love looking in your eyes when you’re inside me. I want you so bad that I want to pull you closer and never let go.”

“Yeah, I feel that way too, on either side of things.” Peter kissed the top of his head again. “I love you, Jase.”

Jason lifted his head and moved his lips to Peter’s.  “I love you too, Pete.”

The small kiss he meant to give Peter turned into a deep, passionate one that shot blood back to his groin. As he rolled on top of Peter, he heard the front door slam.  Stealing a last kiss, Jason rolled back to his right.

“They have wonderful timing.”

“It wasn’t that bad.” Peter wiggled his eyebrows and smiled.

Jason laughed, hoping his arousal would die down. “True. We should probably shower again before they use up all the hot water.”

“Or we could stay here and wait til they’re done.” This time Peter rested his head on Jason’s chest. His hand made lazy circles on Jason’s abs and chest. “I like the view and besides, you promised to tell me about Blake and Ethan if I took good care of you.”

He eyes remained transfixed on the patterns Peter’s fingers traced on his skin. Maybe talking about their friends would take his mind off flipping Peter on to his back and…yeah definitely needed to distract himself. “Blake’s kinda at a cross road. He wants to come out, but isn’t totally ready.”

“Who is ever totally ready?”

“True, but there’s no reason for him to announce it.”

Closing his eyes, Jason relaxed under Peter’s touch. Twice he felt Peter softly kiss his skin.

“So why does he want to do it then?” Peter’s voice was barely more than a whisper.

“I think he wants a boyfriend.” After stroking Peter’s hair, Jason rested his cheek on Peter’s head.  “He mentioned wanting what we have.”

“And he thinks that by coming out he’ll find a boyfriend? ”

“Not sure that’s the plan, but I think he realizes that he can’t have anything meaningful if he’s always trying to hide who he is.”

Peter’s fingers continued their feathery movements giving Jason goose bumps. The erotic feeling kept him at the edge of arousal, but their conversation prevented him from tipping over.

“So where does Ethan fit into all this? Aside from them fucking like bunnies last night.”

Opening his eyes, Jason let his hand slide down Peter’s back. “How do you know that?”

“Three used condoms—well wrappers—in the trash. They were good enough to dispose of the used condoms.”

Even though Peter couldn’t see it, Jason wrinkled his nose. “Thank God for that.”

“No kidding. So they had a great night and now Blake’s in love?”

“Love? He didn’t say that, but there is some serious likeage there.”

Likeage? When did that become a word?”

Jason smacked Peter’s bare ass. “Shut up. You know what I meant.”

“Mhmm. So they like each other. You did point out they’re three hours apart, right?”

“Why is that so terrible?” Feeling his boyfriend’s slightly furry butt started to break Jason’s resolve not to get too excited. “Blake’s got soccer to focus on this semester. Over the break they only live twenty minutes apart.”

“So they’re going to do the long distance thing?” From Peter’s tone, Jason could tell he didn’t approve.

“Who knows? Blake didn’t say what he was going to do next. But I don’t think the distance thing is such an issue. They can video chat or call any time they want.”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s great, but nothing beats falling asleep with your boyfriend and waking up in the middle of the night because one or both of you is in a mood.”

Jason laughed at the image. Peter did wake up horny at night a lot. “I know, but given Blake is still trying to come out, maybe baby steps aren’t a bad idea. Besides, come spring, Blake can drive out there any weekend he wants if they’re still together.”

“You’re encouraging this?” Peter let his hand come to a rest on Jason’s stomach. “Even after the disaster that was Ethan’s last long distance boyfriend?”

“I’m didn’t offer an opinion either way. This is for Blake to decide. I just don’t think it’s a big deal that they don’t live on the same campus.”

“Fair enough. They’re both adults.”

“Exactly.” He heard Darryl and his brother stomping up the stairs. They were talking, but he couldn’t make out the words. “Well, we’re too late for that shower now.”

Peter let his hand drift lower, gently massaging Jason back to life. “Yeah, guess we’ll need to figure out something to do while we wait.”

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