A few years ago I wrote Second Shot, and posted it for free over on Gay Authors.  It was my first – novel that is.  In the two years since I posted the last chapter, I’ve received quite a few emails asking if I was going to do more with the characters.  I never really saw a new ‘story’ per se, so I always said I had no plans.  Then I was asked if I wanted to join the Wednesday Briefs group and I found a vehicle to return to the characters and story. My expectation is you won’t really need  to read Second Shot to understand these ‘briefs’ but it wouldn’t hurt.  But be warned, Second Shot is not edited and is very long.

Wednesday Briefs – Second Shot – The Senior Year -2

Sweat dripped down Jason’s face as he dug out his key. He’d wiped his face so often during the run that his shirt felt five pounds heavier. It took more work – a lot more – to leave Blake gasping for air by the end of their run.

At least Blake hadn’t let up on his training. Jason knew his brother and Darryl were going to suffer when practice started in three days. Too bad. He’d tried to get Dean to work harder, but his little brother had always coasted because of his talent. Darryl never worked hard over the summer, but he always caught up by the end of the first week.

Turning the key, he paused at the silence that met him. Even they should be up by two p.m., party last night or not. The image of his brother, drunk and loud forced his lips to squeeze tight. Living together was supposed to keep him out of trouble, not help him get drunk.

He sighed as he walked toward the kitchen. The idea of them living in the same house, with Darryl and Peter seemed so awesome when it came together. Now, he felt like…like an adult.

Sorting through the left over beer and soda in their refrigerator, he found the water pitcher shoved to the back.  The urge to drink from the container nearly overwhelmed his good sense. He caught a whiff of himself when he shut the door and quickly found a glass, drank and headed for the shower.

Passing his brother’s room first then Darryl’s, he confirmed he had the house to himself. ‘His’ room, empty unless they had company, looked well used from Ethan and Blake’s over night romp. Ethan half-heartedly offered to clean up, but Jason felt better if he did it himself.

Shucking his sweaty shorts, tee shirt, jock and socks, he dumped the lot on the bathroom floor. He’d take them to the laundry room after he took a shower. And since Pete wasn’t home, he couldn’t get upset.

Jason twisted the taps, keeping his hand under the flow until it warmed up. Once in, he directed the spray onto his head and leaned back to relax. After several minutes, he reluctantly decided he couldn’t stay all day. Grabbing the body wash he aimed the bottle toward his hand just as the back of the curtain slid open.

“Holy Shit! You scared me!” His racing heart rate slowed when he saw Peter—a very naked Peter—smiling as he stepped into the tub.

“I heard the water and thought I’d surprise you with some company.”

Running his eyes up and down the body he knew almost as well as his own, Jason felt himself react to Peter’s visible arousal. “Depends on who the company is.”

He moved closer until their bodies pressed together. Peter’s lips sought his and Jason nearly hit his boyfriend in the back of the head with the bottle of soap as their kiss deepened.

Peter’s hand snaked up until it rested on the side of Jason’s face. “I guess I’m the right company?”

“The only company who’s welcome.” Jason kissed him again, running his hands across Peter’s firm butt. “But I really need to get washed, Blake and I ran for close to an hour.”

Taking the soap from Jason, Peter squirted a glob into his hand. “Turn around, I’ll start on your back.”

Jason turned and moved the water away from his face. “What did I do to deserve this treatment?”

“Do you want a list or is being my incredibly hot boyfriend enough?”

The fingers rubbing his body caused Jason to roll his head back.  When he felt Peter begin to massage his butt, Jason let out a soft moan. “A list would be better, but I’ll take being your boyfriend as reason enough.”

“You left out incredibly hot.” Peter now ran his hands up and down Jason’s back.

“Damn, that feels great.” Jason reached behind himself and tried to pull Peter closer, but couldn’t reach him.

“I aim to please.” Slipping his soapy hands around Jason’s chest, Peter drew them together. He ground his hips, rubbing himself between Jason’s cheeks.  “Turn around and let me wash your front.”

Jason couldn’t hide—not that he wanted to— the effect of Peter’s ministrations and he knew from what he felt moments ago that Peter was in the same condition. The silence lingered even when Peter spent extra time on Jason’s groin. When he finished, Peter gently turned Jason around to rinse off.

“Did Blake and Ethan have fun last night?” Peter asked.

That’s what Peter wanted to know? If their friends had fun spending the night together? “Um yeah, but do we need to talk about that now?”

“Yup.” Peter slid the back of the curtain open. “This is just the warm up. I want to make sure we make it to the bedroom and I know you well enough to tell you’re getting too close.”

Shaking the water from his face, Jason snorted. “Bloody tease.”

“Hey,” he poked his head around the curtain. “A tease would leave you high and dry, I plan to take good care of you now that you’re clean.”

Quickly washing his face, Jason shut off the water, and found Peter waiting with a towel ready. “To answer your question, yes they had fun.”

Peter’s smile faded into his ‘there’s a problem’ face. “You to need to talk to Darryl and Dean. Ethan was rather vocal about who he spent the night with.”

Nodding, Jason continued to dry off. “Yeah I know. But I don’t think it’s going to be an issue much longer.”

“Really?” Peter arched an eyebrow. “Do tell.”

“How about I brush my teeth, you make good on your promise to take good care of me, and then I’ll tell you all the dirt?”

A big grin stretched Peter’s lips.  “I like your thinking, Mr. Tellerman.”

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